My Laptop Should Have Memory Power 2Gb
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My Laptop Should Have Memory Power 2Gb

Published at 03/20/2012 11:44:48


My Laptop Should Have Memory Power 2Gb

Notebooks or Laptops are often considered slow as compared to the desktop computers. But this problem can be easily solved by increasing the laptop memory. 2GB memory is quite enough for any laptop or notebook. Memory 2GB can run most of the programs perfectly. Only few high graphics games require more memory than 2gb.


My Laptop Should Have Memory Power 2Gb

Notebook laptop: Thicker and heavier than an ultra-light laptop, the ideal for home or small office use notebook laptop has a built-in floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, and a network card, as well as a screen size of about 12 to 15 inches.

Media center laptop: Best for multimedia use like editing photos, listening to music, and watching movies, a media center laptop comes with a heavy-duty processor, high-end video, sound, and graphics cards.


My Laptop Should Have Memory Power 2Gb

If you want to upgrade the RAM of your laptop to 2GB then read user reviews so you get to know that you are more confused now than when you started.

The first thing that you should know is that almost all modern netbooks use the Atom processor which has a front-side bus speed of 667MHz. Here the memory has to go through the order for the processor to use it. This tells us that even if you get memory that is listed at 800MHz it will not help you out, because if you want to use it the computer has to under clock it to 667 or 533 MHz and some computers don't like to do this. Another important thing which is important that the RAM you're finding is non-ECC, and also 200 pin SO-DIMM. This means that it will fit your laptop.

How much RAM should be enough for comfortable work of an up-to-date platform? Mostly systems equip with 512MB or 1GB of RAM. This amount of memory has been sufficient for work in applications. The memory makers forward the idea that today’s systems need as much as 2GB ram. Is it really so? Some people believe it is a need, some don’t, but it is us who will tell that what’s the truth and what we need. If we talk about 2GB memory kits in the market, we decided to take our own investigation that would show us whether computer systems really need more than 1GB of system memory.

1GB memory modules are very rare and high costs which are very small and a part of money until now. However, now a days and in this today’s world the situations and needs are changed lately, as the memory chips needed for 1GB memory modules production became wider available. As a result, there are some very fast over clocker’s DDR SDRAM modules with 1GB capacity in the market.


Unfortunately, they cannot boast the same characteristics as 512MB solutions most popular among computer enthusiasts. Of course, you can equip your system with 2GB of memory by installing 4 x 512 MB modules. However, this solution will always work slower than a system equipped with a pair of 1GB memory DIMMs (this is primarily true for Athlon 64 systems, but also works for Pentium 4 based platforms in many cases). Moreover, a solution like that would be less economical. Anyway, all these statements need to be proven by practical tests, so let’s pass straight to the tests then.