4 Tips To Buy Best Quality Usb Memory 4Gb
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4 Tips To Buy Best Quality Usb Memory 4Gb

Published at 03/19/2012 20:56:26


4 Tips To Buy Best Quality Usb Memory 4Gb

USB drive is a flash drive, which is easy to carry and can be used just by connecting it to a computer system. It is a great alternative for floppy disk or a compact disk. When the USB is connected to a system, the underlying operating system recognizes the hardware and makes sure that it is available for users. USB is available with wide range of capacity such as 4GB, 8GB and even 80GB. Currently, 4GB memory is the most common USB used. Latest USB drives have crossed the 128GB mark. Due To the technological revolution, the physical size is decreasing very fast and the storage capacity is increasing at a faster rate. The price is very high for those USB drives. It can be noticed that USB version is also included. The version has got to do with the speed of transfer. USB2.0 was very common until 2010, but now USB3.0 is available, which has greater speed than the predecessor. Below, we are going to discuss about the important things to look for in a 4GB memory.

Step 1

USB Drive consists of chips. They are generally cut from a silicon chip. So, a good quality chip taken from a particular location will help in establishing the quality of that USB. If the chip is taken from the center then the quality is very good, but if the chip is taken from the side edge of the silicon, the quality is not that good. USB with 4GB memory is no exception to that.

Step 2

The chips are of three types Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. The grade of the chips ensures the quality of the USB. Grade A is the best of them. In each chip, name and serial are marked by the manufacturer. They don’t suffer from any malfunctions and manufacturer gives them a lifetime warranty. This makes them costly, but it is very reliable. Manufacturer like Samsung, Intel and Hynix specializes in providing with USB with 4GB memory.

Step 3

Grade B is another type of chip. They are often reliable as the Grade A, but will suffer from rare malfunctions. They are mostly used on lower capacity of the USB drive. They are cheaper as compared to grade A, as they are tested rigorously. Grade B chip is very similar to the Grade A chip. Grade B chip is used to manufacture USB with 4GB memory and it is also available in the market.


Grade C is taken from the side edge of the silicon chip. Since, they are not as reliable as Grade A or Grade B; lifetime warranty is not available for them. It also has a high failure rate. Many vendors buy these chips from the manufacturer and make them into a USB drive. These USB drives are cheaper, and they are least reliable. If any consumers find a USB drive with 4GB memory then they should avoid it, as it will be a complete loss of money. There are many websites who checks the quality of the 4GB memory.

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The durability is also an important factor in deciding the 4GB memory. The wear and tear quality makes the USB stand the test of time. USB with 4GB memory must be coated with rubber materials to protect the internal flash drive from any extreme condition. Water resistant drives are also available.