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Tips And Ideas For Kingston Dimm Memory


DIMM memory is a new kind of memory, which is used in sixth generation of computing. Unfortunately, they are not available on the old computers because the capacity of the DIMM memory is large compare to the old memory such as 1 MB or 4 MB. The full form DIMM is dual inline memory module. The capacities of DIMM memory are available in 64 MB, 256 MB, 1GB and 4 GB. The cost of the higher capacity memory is obviously high. The major difference between the SIMM and DIMM is the number of path. SIMM has 32 bit path whereas DIMM has 64 bit path. If a processor requires 64 bit path then SIMM needs to be installed twice, whereas DIMM needs to be installed only once. Kingston DIMM memory is one of best in the market. With the help of Kingston DIMM memory, computer system utilization can be increased. Below we are going to discuss about the advantages of Kingston DIMM memory in detail.

Step 1

Another kind of Kingston DIMM memory is the SO-DIMM memory, which is used in notebooks and laptops. SO-DIMM is usually smaller than the DIMM. Regular DIMM consist of 168 pins, 64 bit path and maintain 64 bit transfer rate, while on the other hand SO-DIMM 72 or 144 pins and supports 32 bit transfer and 64 bit transfer respectively. Before choosing a DIMM, it is advised to go through the motherboard manual.

Step 2

Kingston DIMM memory specializes in notebook computers. The miniaturized size and the capacity has made them a must buy. The new HyperX Plug and play delivers in this field. With the new Kingston DIMM memory, module user can make most of their already installed Core i5 and Core i7 processor. Earlier, these processors used to support 1066 MHz and 1333 MHz frequency. After that they announced the 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz frequency. With these processors, faster memory modules are easily supported. Kingston was the first to make the most of these processors with the HyperX memory modules.

Step 3

Kingston DIMM memory modules are targeted for Desktop users and notebook/laptop users. For laptop users, SO-DIMM memory modules are used. The frequencies of the modules are also available in 4 GB and 6 GB at 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz respectively. The newest 8GB DDR3 Kingston DIMM memory is available around $165, which is quiet cheap considering the fact that earlier, it used to cost around $1000.

Tip 4

Installation of Kingston DIMM memory is very easy. It fits perfectly into the motherboard without any hiccups. If the users want to check this, they can shake the laptop after installing the memory module; Memory doesn’t pop out at all. DIMM memory modules are available in two different voltages 3.3V and 5.0V. Currently, 3.3V un-buffered DIMM memory modules are used. 1.5V is also very common.

Additional Tips

Kingston DIMM memory is available in DDR2 and DDR3 modules. Since, the Kingston DIMM memory module incorporates plug and play, booting time is decreased tremendously without tweaking the BIOS settings. All the Kingston memory comes with a lifetime warranty. They are attuned with Intel’s auto-over clocking function.

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