5 Tips To Make Sure That Laptop Has 2Gb Memory Power
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5 Tips To Make Sure That Laptop Has 2Gb Memory Power

Published at 03/25/2012 13:06:09


5 Tips To Make Sure That Laptop Has 2Gb Memory Power

Memory is an important component of a computer system. It is often called as a primary memory which is volatile. The term volatile means that the content of the memory is lost if the power supply is disrupted for any reason. This kind of memory is very costly and is used for temporary storage purpose. Memory for laptop is generally miniature compared to the desktop one. This makes them costlier than the desktop memory. 2GB memory is commonly present on many laptops. Failure of 2GB memory is also possible. Before purchasing a new 2GB memory, it is better to check the memory before replacing it completely. Below, we are going to discuss about the checking of the 2GB memory.

Step 1

Go to the “My Computer”, right click on the mouse, and select properties. Under the general tab, the processor name, processor speed, and total RAM is shown. RAM is determined by GB (Gigabyte) or MB (Megabyte), and Gigabyte is more than Megabyte. The 2GB memory is written beside the processor speed. It is one of the easiest methods of checking the presence of 2GB memory.

Step 2

Go the task manager by pressing Ctrl, Alt, and Del from the keyboard. User can also go to task manger by typing taskmgr command in the run command. Under the performance tab of task manager, user can find the total memory and its current usage. In this way, the presence of 2GB memory is verified and also the working of it.

Step 3

If user feels that there is some kind of problem in the memory, then they can easily download MemTest 86+ from the web. It is free software and is verified by Microsoft. Burn this on a compact disk and run this CD after configuring the BIOS. When the operating system starts to boot from the CD, the checking process is initiated. If the process is done in a correct manner, then a blue screen appears, which shows the testing result. For any kind of problem, red warning are shown on the screen. If the 2GB memory is working perfectly, user will be prompted with the message that the RAM is OK, and press Esc key to exit from the process.


Macintosh laptop users can also use this MemTest 86+ software for the purpose of checking their 2GB memory. The process is same as the Windows platform. Users, who are using lot of graphics, can use the Rember. In this case, all the results will be saved in the Rember log file.

Additional Tip

If there is any kind of problem in the memory, then purchase a new SODIMM memory, or visit your local authorized dealer. SODIMM is a miniaturized version of DIMM memory, which is currently the fastest memory used on many desktop. SODIMM is used on laptops as well as on notebooks. SODIMM memory supports frequencies 1600MHz and 1866MHz, respectively. These memories are available in DDR2 and DDR3 modules. Regular upgrading of the memory can make the full utilization of the operating system. Constantly upgrading your RAM will help you in maintaining the laptop.