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What You Need To Know About Sdhc Memory


Sdhc memory are flash memory cards that have a minimum memory capacity of 4GB and thus suitable for removable external sort of memory for digital devices including compatible devices like cameras, camcorders, PDAs and many others. Sdhc memory cards are mainly made for devices that are compatible with the SDHC 2.00 standard specifications. It is important to know that products made exclusively to be used with previous SDHC 1.0 and SDHC 1.1 will not be used with Sdhc memory cards.


The Sdhc memory technology was introduced in 1999, which is now the adopted standard for memory cards. A number of manufacturers came up together to establish the SD standard and also found the SD association and thus recognizing the value of manufacturing SD flash memory cards to a common standard.


The increasing demand for capacity flash memory as technology advances is both as a result of the growing demand for high resolution video and high-resolution digital photography. Sdhc memory meets the challenge of these demanding products not only by providing enough storage but also introducing classification of Data Transfer Speed (DTS) feature. The SDHC specification 2.00 classifies the cards according to the minimal Data Speed Transfer i.e.: class 2, 4 and 6 with Data Transfer Speed of 2MB/sec, 4MB/sec and 6MB/sec respectively. This makes class 6 most reliable. Sdhc memory is made to guarantee a specific sustained Data Transfer Speed that consequently saves the consumers some money as flash memories are not only classified according to memory capacity but also to speed. For instance, if a products maximum Data Transfer Speed is 2MB/sec, going to buy class 4 or 6 cards would be a waste of money. Similarly, devices that are compatible with the 4MB/sec and 6MB/sec will perform significantly better with class four and six Sdhc memory cards respectively.

Secure digital had to create new specifications for Sdhc memory cards when the other specifications topped out at a maximum capacity of 2 Gigabytes, this had also happened again when SD card topped at the 512MegaBytes wall. The new 2.00 specification should allow the cards to last much longer as it allows Sdhc memory card to reach a maximum memory capacity of 32GB. Secure Digital refers to a specific format in the flash card market. Secure digital is named so because of its ability to protect copyright content through digital rights management which makes it the most preferred flash memory format in the audiovisual industry. Before purchasing the Sdhc memory ensures that your device is compatible since there several card formats out there in the market and the devices are also different.

Tips and comments

If you are trying to read Sdhc memory cards on your PC without any success. Get the Sansa shaker kids mp3 player and put your SDHC card slot then hook the mp3 player to your PC through the players USB cable it should show up as a removable mass storage device. For instance the class6 8GB SDHC for digital camera can be used in this method. This is for desperate cases. Note that a higher resolution in cases where one is using a camera, changing the camera resolution to a higher one requires more data to be stored which will shorten the available memory capacity.

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