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How To Add a 4 Gb Memory Card


All of us want our computer system to be as fast as possible but that requires additional cost. But the main question is do we need to spend extra to speed up the computer. RAM is a hardware with which temporary data are fetched and saved. It is usually very costly but they have their benefits. A new computer system seems fast when you run any application or play games. Over a period of time the system becomes sluggish. It is because of two reasons, presence of virus or old memory. Here we are going to discuss about replacing the 4 memory as viruses can be dealt with the help of antivirus. Adding 4 memory will enhance the computing experience.

Step 1

Task given by the user is dealt by the processor and memory. Functions are loaded into the memory and then they are computed by processor to perform actions. The capacity of the RAM should be decided by the user, but a 4 memory will be sufficient for many users. Gaming professionals or enthusiasts can opt for more RAM. After choosing 4 memory, it is now time to install it in the system. Switch off all the power cable attached to the computer.

Step 2

Open the cabinet and it will lead to the motherboard on which the old RAM is installed. Usually two slots are present on the motherboard. You can replace the old RAM with a new 4 memory or add an extra memory.

Step 3

You can see a side knob with which the RAM is attached. By moving it in an outward direction the old Ram comes out. To insert a new 4 memory you have push the memory in the slot and you will be able to hear a clicking sound. Close the cabinet and connect all the power Cables to system. After rebooting the system, it will easily detect the new 4 memory. For information consult the motherboard guide about how to insert the RAM in a proper manner. Now you will be able to notice the change by running applications.

Step 4

Adding a 4 memory in laptop is also very easy. Laptop hardware’s are smaller compared to the desktop. This militarized hardware is costly than the desktop. Turn the laptop where you can see a back panel fitted with the help of a screw. Open it with the help of a screwdriver. To remove the old Ram, clips are provided to eject the RAM, press that clip. It is important for the safety point of view, to remove the power cable as it may lead to an electric shock. Try to wear a rubber strap or slipper before performing this procedure.

Step 5

After that, add the new 4 memory, in case of laptops sliding technique is used. Slide the RAM and it will automatically place itself, if the Ram is inserted in the correct manner. Different laptop uses different mechanism, it is not mandatory that all will implement the sliding technique.


Read the laptop manual or visit the laptop website before inserting the RAM.

additional tip

Close the back panel with the help of a screwdriver. If everything goes according to the plan, your laptop will able be detect the new RAM.

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