Computers Memory

How To Turn Your Computer Memory on

Published at 03/23/2012 20:02:39


In day to day activities, almost everyone has to engage with a computer. Technology has shifted from the traditional ways of working manually. Therefore you need to know some of the things that make your computer run. For a computer to work efficiently there must be a random access memory. The RAM memory loads from read only memory after the action of power on self test. You may follow the following simple steps to upgrade the memory on your computer.

Step 1

Memory on your computer may be working slowly. The size of the memory determines the speed of your computer. When you realize the slowness, you need to upgrade your memory capacity. Buy a large memory than your current one, for instance if you had a memory of 256 Mb you can buy another one of 512 Mb. You will increase the speed of your computer by double when you double the memory capacity.

Step 2

Open the metal case of the computer after you have turned off. You will see a long thin rectangular chip attached to its slots. Touch the metal computer case on different places to discharge the static electricity which can damage the memory chip. Push the two white tabs to release the current memory on your computer.

Step 3

After you push the white tabs, pull out the memory on the computer carefully. Removal of the memory chip does not affect your data because when the computer is off, all the data is held by the ROM. Remove it and replace with the other larger memory.

Step 4

Make sure that the memory you have inserted is well held by the two white tabs. Usually you will hear a click sound when the memory is secure. In this way the memory on your computer has increased in both capacity and speed.

Step 5

You may now close the metal case or the latch and turn your computer on. Refresh the new memory on your computer several times to allow it function well. You will definitely see change because your computer will work faster and you will not wait for minutes waiting for it to process a simple task.

Step 6

Although different types of computers have different types of memory, you need to the type of the memory that your computer needs before you go to purchase and install memory on the computer. This is to avoid incompatibility of the memory and the computer. You will also avoid malfunctions of your computer.


For those who use laptops, the memory is located under the keyboard and you need to be very keen when opening them. This is to avoid damaging other components when using a screw driver to remove the screws. After you remove the screws, lift up the plastic case to access the memory on the laptop and replace it with another one with large data holding capacity.


Remember that the memory on your computer has a limit. Computers cannot take more memory than they are required this is also determined by the speed of the processor. Read carefully on the manual to know the limit of the memory capacity required for your computer.