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How To Install 512Mb Memory

Published at 03/27/2012 11:45:10


For all computer parts, the computer memory is one of the easiest parts to replace. There is no modification that is required during the time you replace the memory 512mbsince it will snap into the slot that was vacated by the old memory. The memory 512mb is also one of the least expensive parts in a computer. It is advisable that one has to change it regularly in order to retain or improve the speed of the machine.


Step 1

In order to install a new memory 512mb in your computer, you are supposed to be aware of the steps where you should take for the replacement. Once you buy the memory, you are supposed to read the instructions provided and all the precautions should be taken in to consideration at any time. You are required to change or install memory 512mb while your computer is off. This is to protect it from getting hot or into contact with the power while it is not fully installed.


Step 2

The other step that you should take is to remove the old memory. There are tabs which you are supposed to remove and they are located at the foot of the memory alongside the socket that attaches the memory 512mb to the motherboard. Then, you are able to install the other memory. The procedure should be followed that the other memory 512mb should be inserted slightly on the angle that the other memory was until it fits to the slot left by the other memory.


Step 3

The other tip that is necessary is to make sure the memory is okay. You are supposed to start you computer after you are through installing the memory 512mb. If the computer is unable to boot or it has a problem starting you are supposed to return the memory to the computer accessories shop where you bought it and replaced with another one for this matter. You can also c heck whether the memory is compatible with the computer before you decide to take it back to the seller.

Step 4

The other way to get the best memory 512mb to install in your computer is to remove the one that is already in the machine and take it to the computer shop and demand to buy the same type. This is the time you will be needed to tell the seller the amount of megabytes that you need. In this case, you will tell the seller that you only need a memory 512mb to increase the speed of your computer.



Step 5

It can be better on the other hand to first check on the web on the best type of computer memory 512mb that can work well in your computer. This way, you will be provided by the information on the best memory that your computer can use. This is because, they are there for the manufacture of the memory hence they know which memory can work with which type of a computer.



Simply, make sure that the memory 512mb you install are right way round and make sure they secure the position where the other memory was very well. You are supposed to be keen when installing the memory 512mb for you not to touch the gold coated pins to prevent your body from damaging the electronics.