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ddr sdram is the abbreviated form of Double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. Nowadays, most of the desktop computers and laptops come with a DDR memory RAM integrated inside it. DDR SD RAM memory is a class of memory which has integrated circuits inside it. It is primarily used as the primary memory (erasable memory) of the computer system. ddr sdram memory is manufactured by many companies all across the globe. But, while buying a particular brand of ddr sdram memory you need to make sure that you know about few details, in order to gain maximum from the deal, both in terms of investment as well as in terms of performance.


Due to the fact that DDR SDRAM memory makes use of double data transfer rate, it is therefore twice as faster as the SD RAM types (Single data rate). Therefore, when you buy a computer or a laptop now make sure that it comes with a DDR type memory integrated inside it. Generally, in most cases the life cycle and the performance of the systems using a DDR memory type has been seen to be more than a system using SD RAM inside it.

Additional information

Bus clock speed is also an important concept of DDR SDRAM memory. The Bus clock of a DDR RAM can vary from three different types. These are 100 – 200 MHz, 200 – 533 MHz, and 400 – 1066 MHz respectively. We have to keep it in mind while buying a DDR RAM that more the Bus Clock speed, better will be the performance. These three Bus clock speed types are associated with DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 respectively. Hence, for the best performance it is better to choose DDR3 RAM types.

Most of the companies which make DDR SDRAM memory will give you table top replacement warranty. While buying the DDR RAM make sure it is mentioned along with the warranty card or the receipt that you get. This warranty might vary from a period of 3 years to lifetime depending on the manufacturing company. Remember that even RAM memories can fail and hence, this warranty policy is very essential for your computer’s safety.


Even the graphic cards nowadays come with dedicated DDR SDRAM memory. This is slightly different technology that it used to be. Initially graphic cards used to use shared memory from within the main memory of the computer. Therefore, the total available memory for general operations used to go down. But now with dedicated memory the graphic cards have their own separate memory slot within the PCI or AGP cards.

Try to keep your DDR SDRAM memory inside the desktop system clean. It has been often seen that the memory chips tends to get damaged or shows erroneous detections if dust accumulates on them. This can happen if the cabinet of the system is kept open, Even if it remains closed, you can safely remove the DDR chip from the motherboard and clean it at regular intervals. Always try to buy ddr ram from branded shops, it will ensure that your warranty is safe.

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