About the Use Of Kingston Memory Ddr
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About the Use Of Kingston Memory Ddr

Published at 03/27/2012 23:24:46


About the Use Of Kingston Memory Ddr

Memory is very costly but do we really need it. Just take some simple example, you carry on your computer like playing games, listening to music, surfing net, installing and using the application etc. All these activities need a space to execute the functions. The space is provided by the memory. You will notice sluggish performance of the computer after using it for years; the reason is simply the RAM. Upgrading a RAM costs extra but the benefits are many. Kingston DDR Memory is one of the best memories available in the market. Kingston DDR Memory is known for great quality RAM and its reliability. Below we are going to talk about the advantages of using a Kingston DDR Memory in your system.


Kingston DDR Memory uses DDR technology. The full-form of DDR is Double-Data-Rate. Older computers don’t have this technology, which used to implement the SDRAM and only the new computer uses this DDR technology. As the name suggest DDR is faster than the SD technology. On an abstract level, memory is used to transfer the data to the processor. SDRAM used to send the data to the processor on the front half whereas Kingston DDR Memory sends data on front as well as back end of the clock oscillation, which evidently doubles the data transfer compared to the SDRAM. 4GB Kingston DDR Memory is sufficient for many computers. Nowadays, many operating systems requires about 1GB of memory, if your system doesn’t meet that requirement then operating system will fail to install. So for upgrading the memory modules Kingston DDR Memory is the best choice. You can also purchase a 2GB Kingston DDR Memory, which will be sufficient enough for normal use.

Additional information

Number of pins on the motherboard must be confirmed before purchasing a Kingston DDR Memory module. The pin is a vital aspect because this factor decides the size of the socket, which holds the memory module on the motherboard. The sizes of pins are 184, 200 and 240 respectively. 184 pins are most commonly used but for further clarification check the motherboard documentation. Latent time is measured to decide the quality of the memory module. This time is defined by the difference of time during the data transfer. CAs settings and its rating is used to measure this. If the CAs rating is low then the performance of the memory module is good. Home users are not bothered by this and generally, they don’t get the importance of it. But, for advance user this latency time matters a lot to them. So if you are a home user don’t give it much of an importance.


If there is provisions for two DDR then use Kingston DDR Memory to make the full utilization of your computer system. Using the dual mode will speed up your system and will give you a great computing experience. Using different modules can hamper the performance of the system, so if you are going to use dual mode go for Kingston DDR Memory modules to protect the system from any incompatibility issue. These RAMs are available at a very reasonable cost.


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