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How Usb Pen Memory Works And Which Company Is Most Reliable


USB pen memory refers to NAND-type flash memory cards that can be easily inserted into both computers and laptop’s USB ports to save data externally. The term ‘pen’ is given to usb pen memory on account of its small size. USB pen memory is usually shaped like a flat cuboid, though recently its design has experienced major changes according to the style needs of the consumers.


USB pen memory drives were initially designed by IT experts to store large amounts of additional data and to transport it easily between computers. USB pen memory is hence removable as well as rewritable. However the usb pen memory drives of today vary greatly in storage capacity according to the requirements of the users. They now range between 64 Mb and 32 GB. USB pen memory has replaced the obsolete CDs and floppy disks in the course of history due to their compact size and extreme portability. USB pen memory may be incorporated with other functions in various devices such as iPods and mp3 players. Even the stationary pens today come with a USB pen memory drive in the pen cap so students can use the pen for double purposes; writing as well as transferring data.


USB pen memories are formatted using FAT 32 file systems which make usb pen memory compatible with generally all USB ports. USB pen memory works with superiority on accord of its circuit boards. Based on the EEPROMS technology that allows easy writing and erasing, USB pen memory consists primarily of a printed circuit that serves to collect information. This is done by the microchip in the circuit board that extracts data from the computer consuming minimal electric power. This circuit board provides a sturdy base for the pen drive's form and also serves as a means to collect information. Once inserted, the dormant USB pen memory becomes activated, gaining information from that computer by way of access from the USB port. The programs on the computer interface with the USB pen memory to facilitate the process of transferring information.


So far the SanDisk usb pen memory is dominating the market with its string casing. Kingston’s variety of designs and colours has made it immensely popular too. It is especially popular amongst students because of its moderate pricing that has made it an ideal data backing option for the masses.In addition to that Strontium USB pen memory is pretty good too with its high speed data transfer rate of upto 480 MB/sec. Strontium USB pen memory is compatible with various windows versions such as windows 7, windows vista and windows XP so one shouldn’t worry at all when transferring data within computers using the Strontium USB pen memory. It has a high storage capacity making it an ideality for storing not only music and pictures but also heavy video files.

Tips and comments

When buying a USB pen memory the customer should always consider the functions it will have to perform so the USB pen memory with the most suitable storage capacity can be purchased.

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