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4 Tips To Decrease Memory Micro

Published at 03/28/2012 16:38:08


Memory micro or MicroSD is an ultra small and thin memory chip that is usually found on mobile devices like cellular phones and other related gadgets. The main function of this memory is for storage that is removable in nature. In this article we will deal on how to decrease the memory usage from storing files to the applications that can reduce the consumption of the memory. I will give you 4 easy to do tips on how to reduce your memory usage.

Step 1

The first step to do is to compile and arrange all folders and files in your memory micro. In this procedure you will need to have good organization skills. Arranging files and folders allows you to locate files that are no longer need. The space you will save in this procedure is based on the files that you will actually delete. Compiling and arranging files also creates an avenue to find or locate your file in the easiest way possible. Arranging your files develops the habit of naming files properly and putting them in their right places. Saving your files on a memory micro should not be that space consuming.

Step 2

The second step would be to use software that saves you space on your memory micro. These applications can be downloaded for free and some are available based on subscription. A great example of software to use is the disk cleanup on a windows platform. The software cleans up all the unnecessary files in certain memory locations like memory micro cards.

Step 3

The third step is to compact some of the larger files and folders in your memory micro. You can do this by using compacting software much like the popular winzip or winrar. In this method you will be able to compress large files to make it smaller. The downside of this procedure is that you will not be able to use file if it is compress. You memory micro will be more utilized if you follow and use this technique much often.

Step 4

There exists another software that allows you to save space on your memory micro cards and it is named a memory defragmenter. This software collects all the types of data that is stored in the memory micro card and then arranges them by sector and eliminates all the bad sectors that can be found in your memory card.


A good tip to save more space on your memory micro is to be responsible in downloading and saving any file. You can save a lot of disc space in your memory micro if you just download all the necessary applications and files that you need. The most important thing when installing files in your mobile device is to delete the installer file as soon as the application is installed.

People are always in search of simple things to save on almost anything and that includes disc space on any memory module. There are a lot of ways to save more memory space. If you are looking for more useful tips, you can refer to this blog site for more on this topic and more.