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5 Tips To Increase Double Memory


The memory of the computer serves as one of the best ways to increase the performance of your computer or mobile device. The double memory of your system means double the performance that it can do. It allows you to perform difficult tasks and do several processes simultaneously. Many experts believe that improving the memory of your computer allows you to increase the whole system performance and flexibility. In relation to this concept, we will deal with how to increase your memory up to two times.

Step 1

The most obvious way to achieve double memory status for your computer is by adding another memory module on your computer. In relation to this, adding another memory chip means adding the same type and capacity of memory. If you have a one gigabyte DDR2 memory installed in your computer, it should follow that you use the same type of memory if you want to have double memory capacity for your computer.

Step 2

Another thing you can do to double memory your computer is by altering the virtual memory settings of your computer. You can do this by manipulating the computer settings about virtual memory. Virtual memory is an aggregate attribute of a typical windows computer system that adds to the actual physical memory that you have. Increasing the capacity of your virtual memory this will result to double memory capacity for your computer system.

Step 3

In relation to increasing your virtual memory that results to a double memory status, the third tip is to upgrade your hard drive. In this manner you will be able to increase the capacity of your virtual memory and thus speeding the performance of your computer. As we already know, virtual memory is a supplement to the main memory that we have. It can accommodate the memory requirement of applications and compensate for the main memory deficiency if it arises.

Step 4

The fourth tip to achieve the double memory advantage is to make sure that your computer is safe from any virus attack or infection. This is the most convenient way to free up memory usage and improve overall performance of a computer system. You can do this by installing a reliable anti-virus program and running a complete scan on your system. There exists other anti-virus that incorporates computer enhancing processes like memory improvements. This is a great plus for an anti-virus to have and this will be a great advantage to you and your computer.


Lastly, to gain double memory on your system, uninstall any application and other software that you no longer need. In this method, you will be able to free up memory from the services that these applications incorporate in your system. This is a simple task to do with great implications to your computer.

Sources and Citations

For more tips and techniques, you can refer to this website. You can find lots of useful information about how to improve your computer in terms of performance. The tips given here are easy to do and you can do this with minimal knowledge about computers and the likes. Enjoy your double memory capacity in your computer system using this article.

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