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Do You Know About the Use Of Memory Pc2


Memory Pc2 is the Programming Contest Control System which was first developed at California State University, Sacramento to aid the Computer Programming Contest activities of the ACM. The IT market had various PC memories such as PC2-4200 (DDR2-533), PC2-5300 (DDR2-667), PC2-6400 (DDR2-800), and PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066). All of the above types of PC memory are types of Double Data Rate, second-generation SDRAM, which is usually referred to by the term DDR2.Previous models were named in accordance of updates such as DDR1 and DDR. The difference in numbers attached to the Pc memory names is due to the different speeds of memory that the user’s computer was originally designed to uphold.Pc2 memory is backward compatible and that is perhaps one of its greatest features. This means that PC2-5300 module can be effectively used in a system that was originally designed for PC2-4200.


PC2 4200(DDR2-533) isn’t just a randomly allotted name; rather it indicates the bandwidth of the memory. Pc 2 memory’s modules each have the bandwidth of 4.2 GB/sec; therefore, it is most commonly called PC2-4200. Similarly if we use the alternative term, DDR2-533, then we are referring to the effective front-side bus speed of our system. DDR2 efficiently doubles the total amount of data that can be transferred in each cycle so the front side bus speed is greater than that of the motherboard. Similarly PC2-5300 (DDR2-667) has a bandwidth of 5.3GB/sec and works for systems need a 333MHz front-side bus speed, with the amazingly efficient front-side bus speed of 667MHz.


The rule is this that the greater the amount of Pc memory is available; the better will be the running of the motherboard of the system. Windows Vista/7 for example uses up 1 GB pc memory and in cases of heavy functioning a maximum of 2GB.Users must check their motherboard manual to know their pc memory beforehand. Websites allowing advice on this topic are also available and in addition to that the Memory Advisory tool is also a good tool to discover the existing PC memory.

Tips and comments

Recently the DDR pc memory models have taken over the previously used SDRAM format. This kind of Pc memory termed as pc2 comes in a variety of bandwidth speeds such as PC4200 AND PC2700 What must be kept in mind is this that these module speeds can’t be used simultaneously so as not to allow the different speeds to get mixed up. Also if the PC is above ten years old then DDR pc memory format is the most ideal pc memory to be employed. DDR3 is the latest innovation in the pc memories and is being incorporated for latest systems. It must also be kept in mind that DDR2 and DDR1pc memory will not necessarily be compatible with all motherboards and systems and their modules might not even fit in the slots. The best option would be to determine what pc memory would be supported by the motherboard of the user’s system. If it is capable of supporting more than DDR2 then higher bandwidth pc memory models can be used.

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