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What Is a Digital Memory Card?


Before getting into the detailed discussion of memory cards I would like to discuss what digital memory card is and why we use them. Digital memory card are electronic memory storage devices where we can keep our digital sensitive data in order to increase our work portability. These devices are used for keeping important data in order to take data always with you and use it where ever you need to do. These devices are used to store files like pictures, audio and video files. Digital devices like cameras, mobiles, MP3 players, laptops and video games consoles these are all devices that make the use of digital memory card. Through these devices we can easily retain our data without power consumption, we are able to record our data again and again and they are really easy to carry anywhere because they are portable and small in size. There small size makes them more risky because there is lot of chances to loose these devices.


First in 1990’s PC cards were introduced. That were also considered as the type of I cards and used only for commercial purpose memory cards. Such memory cards are very less utilized for common use because they are they are really bigger in size and they are now a day used for communicating input and output devices like modems and used only for industrial applications. Compact flash, Miniature cards and smart media are considered as the similar devices as the format of digital memory card and are also smaller in size. After the introduction of hand held devices like cell phones, PDA’s, laptops and compact digital cameras make desire among users to save their huge amount of files in some really small device which is now a days called as digital memory card. In comparison to digital memory cards the compact cards started looking bigger as compared to them.


In digital cameras, smart media and compact flashes remain very successful. So, in early 2001 it was estimated that professional digital cameras are utilizing compact flash and simple digital cameras are utilizing smart media devices. Later in 2005, the place of smart media which was utilizing greatly in simple digital cameras was overlapped by SD/MMC and gives smart media a tough competition though. After that memory stick came in competition. However the most common utilization of memory cards is in hand held devices and its business is at its peak till no days. For high speed tablets computers and dominating mobile phones we have now micro SD cards which are introduced recently be developers.

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After in 2010, two most reputable companies for digital cameras introduced there new range of cameras with additional SD card slots. However, first these cameras were introduced with only XD card and memory stick slots. This new introduction increased the demand of SD card in commercial markets and people started buying them more frequently as compared to before. Till now after the introduction of sixth generation video game consoles memory cards are still utilized in them.

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