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What You Need To Know About Memory Sd Cards

Published at 03/29/2012 21:06:32


Before getting into the details of SD memory card we will first know that what is the term memory card. Memory card is an electronic flash memory device which is used for the storage purposes. It is actually used for the storage of digital information. In many electronic devices the memory cards are being used. The electronic devices which have the memory cards capability can be digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, video game consoles and the MP3 players. They can retain the data without consumption of any power. They are of small size and can be re-recorded.


SD card is abbreviation of Secure Digital memory cards. It is developed by SD Card association and it is non volatile memory card format. It is for the use in portable devices actually. More than 400 brands have been using the SD card technology across dozens of categories of products. There are many families of cards of SD. These are original, high capacity card family, standard capacity card family and extended capacity card family. There is also a family of SDIO having the input and output functions in them. There are three different form factors of SD memory cards; the micro size, the mini size and the original size. To hold a larger card the smaller cards are being used in the host device. There is also backward compatibility in SD memory cards. Several trademark logos are being used by SD memory cards. There are certain factors that are being used to prevent the use of new SD memory card. There is more capacity of the new SD memory card than the host device. A file system is being used by the newer SD memory cards. The host device can never navigate this.the input output functions can be used by the new SD memory cards. SD memory card’s organization was being changed when started from the SDHC family. Some of the organizations developed the SD memory cards of more than 1 GB size.


Types of cards: There are several ways and types of SD cards. They are of physical size.standard size can be of SD (SDSC), SDHC, SDXC and SDIO. Mini size can be of miniSD, mini SDHC and miniSDIO. Microsize can be of microSD, microSDHC and microSDIO. There are some of the features of SD cards. These can be read only cards, write protection tab, card passwords, DRM features. Vendor enhancements in SD cards include integrated wifi, pre-loaded content, Integrated U.S.B connector, Different colors and Integrated display etc.

Tips and comments

There are many factors of the speeds of cards. There can be the likelihood of the soft errors, there should be controller to read and write the data on the cards. There should also be the possibility of fragmentation. The host device determine that how much information can a SD card holds. There is the guarantee of the maximum capacity in the host device of SD family. There are some versions of SD memory cards. The versions can be version 1 and version 2.0.