How To Double Memory on Your Computer
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How To Double Memory on Your Computer

Published at 03/30/2012 16:58:06


How To Double Memory on Your Computer

Computer memory refers to storage devices used to store data permanently or temporarily. Permanent memory refers to as read-only-memory (ROM) and temporary memory is referred to as random access memory (RAM). Computers main memory is an extension of central processing unit and is controlled by controlling unit. It stores data and instruction which are currently being used by the CPU or awaiting for immediate execution. 

Step 1

Earlier people do not care about the computers speed; they were concerned only about the task accomplishment. Now fast moving life has changed the trend, people want to get their work done as early as possible, for this computers speed is very important.

Step 2

If you have an old computer system, you do not need to change it, just in order to get a high speed system. You can have memory double of your computer to resolve the speed issue. Memory double of a computer system is the most cost effective way to speed up your computer. There are thousands of different computer memory upgrades available. These upgrades are available in different sizes and speeds; however it is important to find the correct upgrade for your computer.

Step 3

As the computer’s speed is based on RAM of computer system or laptop, so by increasing its capacity, we can have a memory double. Determine the RAM of your computer you already have and then determine the RAM you need. In relation to this, adding another memory chip to computer system means adding the same type and capacity of memory and will become a double memory. Usually, you need to memory double if your computer slows down when many programs are loading or if you are working with large files.

Step 4

If your system is in warranty, you can ask your system’s hardware manufacturer to replace RAM; otherwise you have to buy it on your own. Measure the speed of RAM and determine whether the computer uses single in-line memory modules (SIMMs) or dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs). Determine the number of pins on the motherboard: 30, 72 or 168. Check how many open RAM slots are available on your motherboard which may help in achieving a memory double.

Step 5

Memory double can be accomplished by increasing virtual memory. Virtual memory is a method of using your hard disk as temporary storage for data that may normally be stored in RAM. By using this method, Windows can provide extra resources that effectively add additional "virtual" memory and extend your computer's capabilities.


How To Double Memory on Your Computer

To alter the memory settings go to my computer, click the properties and then performance Tab, select the minimum and maximum amount of virtual memory. Click “OK” and then restart your computer.


 You can have a memory double of your computer by freeing up its space by deleting viruses as well. We have discussed three ways of memory double for a computer, but the best way is to add a RAM. It will increase the memory and speed up system manifolds. And as the cost is not very high, so it is a cheaper way as well.


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