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Review Of Sd Memory Cards


Once the electronic devices were developed, the SD memory cards became some of the most common items wanted by any user of a computer. Each photo camera, mobile phone or player, as well as some gaming consoles can now be enhanced with the SD memory cards. It is an important feature, considering the fact that those devices sometimes need more space than usual. There are many types of SD memory cards, which are different one from the other considering the type of construction, the speed, the total storage space, the volume and other features. You will have to understand the characteristics of the memory cards in order to find the best one for your needs.


The dimensions of SD memory cards are different, starting with the size of a postal card to a few centimeters. Some cards are small and thin, but those models are more sensitive to bumps and falling. The memory cards having greater dimensions are more resistant, but they are not always compatible with all the models and the devices. The SD memory cards are used to store information, so the storage space is the most important characteristic to determine. Commonly, the cards could store from 255 MB to 32 GB and more. The speeds of the SD memory cards are different. It is measured in Mbytes per second. The SD memory cards have a major disadvantage compared with the portable hard disks, as they have reduced transfer speed. The producers of those devices say that the speed is greater, but it is not true. It is technically impossible, at least now, to have a greater speed for those devices, at least now. However, some performing SD memory cards could have an increased speed that could at least be compared with the speed of the hard disks.


The construction of the SD memory cards is conditioned by the multitude of the metallic connections that are used to connect those cards with other devices. The majority of cards are made with a design that places those contacts on the exterior side, but it decreases the resistance of the cards to bumps and other shocks. The SD memory cards with a “closed” construction are more resistant. The protection against accidental writing is usually a mechanical component of those cards that is usually placed on the lateral side. This protection excludes the possibility of data to be written on the card, in other words, you will only be allowed to read the data on the respective card.

Tips and comments

The SD memory cards will always be accessories, meaning that you will only need such a device once you already have a computer or a gadget that requires such a card. This is why it is important to know what kind of card can be connected to such a device. Moreover, those devices support memory cards with different capacities. For example, if you want to buy a cell phone that supports SD memory cards of 8 GB or less, you can be sure that a memory card of 32 GB will not be compatible with your phone.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 04/01/2012
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