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How To Install Memory on a Computer


Random Access Memory is one of the primary components needed by a computer to run basic applications and system processes. When performing basic tasks with the computer like mathematical calculations some numbers have to be stored in the memory computer before the answer you want is displayed on the screen. There is no single computer that can run without the random access memory here being referred to as memory computer. This is very true because when an individual puts on their computer the operating system has to be loaded in to the random access memory and so without the memory computer then the computer will not start. Below are the various steps to install this memory.

Step 1

Addition of memory computer is very simple and common as people want to improve their computer speed and performance. To install memory on a computer you need to purchase the right memory computer and which is compatible to your computer. You have to do this if you want to avoid disappointment. Different random access memory have different specifications and it’s a very important to have a clear understanding of what your memory computer specifications are. After you have the right memory with you.

Step 2

Open your computer case with a screwdriver making sure that not a single screw gets lost. Not all computer cases are to be opened with screws however. With the modern technology, some computers have cases that only need to be slide to the shown direction. This makes it easy for you to access the interior of their computer. You should make sure you have a clear view of the computer motherboard to avoid interfering with other components.

Step 3

Now locate the random access memory blanks on your motherboard. These slots will usually look four or two parallel slits. The computer user will notice the already installed memory computerand some other blank slots with a clip on either ends. The empty slots will depend on how much RAM a person had before. You then have to unclip the blank slots you are going to use. Undo the clips at either side of the blank slots.

Step 4

Take the new memory computer that is the RAM, push it in to the blank slot causing the clips to snap into place. The random access memory will have a small notch at the bottom along the part that plugs into the motherboard. Align the memory so that the notch lines up with blank slots and then press the memory computerdown firmly. The RAM will sink into the slot and the clips to clamp in place.

Step 5

Close your computer case to its original way and put it on. If the computer starts up normally there is a high chance that the random access memory is working properly. As earlier said, a computer cannot run on a faulty random access memory.

Step 6

To ensure it is installed properly, you can run a memory computer scan program like MEM test to show and make sure the program is working properly. Another simple test can be to press “Ctrl” “Alt” “delete” to call up a task manger and memory usage when running programs using some large amount of memory. If the memory usage reading approaches the maximum amount you have installed, it indicates that all memory computer RAM are being utilized.


That’s how to install memory on a computer and it’s a simple task that can be done by anyone who has some computer know how.

By Hannah, published at 02/16/2012
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