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Top Tips About the Computer Memory

Published at 03/06/2012 18:43:24


The computer memory has an important role in the proper functioning of the computer. The latest computer memory is very powerful and helps the other parts of the computer. We will first learn about types of memory that interest us.

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RAM memories are a part of the current SDRAM technology, acronym that comes from dynamic random access memory. Without going into technical details let s see which types of computer memory are of interest to us, depending on the age of our home computer age.

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It should be noted that although all types of computer memory below uses SDRAM technology. SDRAM is used in normal speech to name the old memories in the late '90s, and for other types of computer memory we use only short names: DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 without SDRAM.

Step 3

SDR-SDRAM - Single Data Rate SDRAM - this type of computer memory has made a career from the mid-90s until 2002 when we could still buy new personal computers equipped with SD-RAM slots. Even though computers have dropped the standard, SDRAM computer memory chips are still manufactured for various electronic devices where the operating speed of the internal memory is irrelevant. For example portable media player or the CD player is equipped with a SDRAM computer memory chip.

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DDR SDRAM - Double Data Rate SDRAM or DDR1 - DDR memory first teamed with computer generations of over 1 GHz, this threshold is reached by computers for the general public in 1999.The first motherboard with DDR support was available in autumn 2000. On the personal computer market DDR computer memory coexisted with SDR, the transition to this standard was completed only when on the personal computer market we could not find motherboards compatible with SD-RAM computer memory.

Step 5

DDR2 SDRAM - This standard became available to users in mid 2003.There are the most common types of computer memory among personal computers.
DDR3 SDRAM, although since 2005 were announced the first motherboards with support for this type of memory they became available in summer 2007. They are currently the most efficient solution because acquisition costs are similar to those for previous generation DDR2 computer memory.


Direct Rambus DRAM or DRDRAM this type of RAM is less popular among personal computers. This memory appeared on the personal PC market in 1999 with his main supporter U.S. microprocessor maker Intel. Due to higher production costs this type of memory is not widely spread on the market. Technology developed by the Rambus Company is still useful, especially among consoles such as Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation 2 and 3.

Sources and Citations

You should know that each generation of memory differs from the previous generation. In practice this means that we can not simultaneously use two types of RAM of different generations, such as SD-RAM together with DDR or DDR2 RAM along with DDR3. Also, we can not put a DDR2 memory module in a DDR slot because of a protection element known as the "key".
The key is a cavity in the memory module positioned differently from one generation to another allowing only the use of a memory module in the correct position and only in a compatible memory slot.