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How To Get the Computer With the Most Memory


To fill the computer with memory you will need to know something about computers. We will tell you how you can get above 4 GB of memory. With memory comes speed and performance for your computer. And also with memory comes greater computing power.

Step 1

4GB is a pretty large amount of memory for a workstation or a gaming computer, but the industry forced us to use such amounts of memory (especially if you're a fan of virtual machines). Most applications today are 32-bit and can only address 2GB of RAM at a time (Photoshop), but we need more memory for the other "goodies" that we use and that "eat" a lot of memory. With memory 1GB RAM, Vista can run, with 2GB is running much better, and with 4GB, Vista unleash it's true potential.

Step 2

Unfortunately, Vista 32-bit users must pass through a bumpy ride to use the entire RAM they has in the system. Even then, it is possible that not the entire RAM to be visible because of various hardware problems. With memory being very important this article discusses various ways in which you can use that huge amount of RAM (4GB).

Step 3

All operating systems 32-bit can address only 4GB of RAM because of a simple mathematical calculation (2 ^ 32 = 4,294,967,296). Depending on your hardware, Vista can only see 3GB or 3.5GB of the total amount of RAM installed, because some components are mapped into memory. The video is most often guilty because it can use up to 512 MB of RAM. Remember that with memory comes greater computer power.

Step 4

You can adjust Vista's core to add another 4 bit addressing capability, but is required to have a 64 bit processor (any processor made in the last two years, such as Intel Core 2 Duo or the Athlon64 AMD). Even if math can address more than 4GB (2 ^ 36 = 68.719.476.736), the operating system still has a limitation (Windows Server can address any quantity between 8GB and 128GB depending on the version). With memory you can access more complicated software.

Step 5

To force this new method of addressing memory, you must tell Vista OS to boot using this new parameter. Vista no longer uses the file "boot.ini" like earlier versions of Windows, so you must modify the boot file using an integrated tool in Vista called "bcdedit". You can maximize you computer with memory.

Step 6

Open command prompt (Press Windows + R, then type cmd). Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to execute (this allows you to run cmd administrator mode if you are not permanently set as administrator). Write bcdedit / set PAE forceenable. This ‘’flag’’ PAE (Physical Address Extension) tells to the Vista Os core to use another 4 bits to address the memory and that enables all the available Ram quantity.

Step 7

You have not yet escaped problems because, after Vista booted, you can find that still does not see all of the memory. You can disable PAE again by writing the command bcd edit / set PAE force disable or bcd edit / set PAE default. With memory tuning come a lot of technical problems. With memory you can always do more things on your computer.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/15/2012
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