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What Is the Best Ddr Dimm Memory?


Ram, random access memory is the most important hardware part of any computer. Without ram, computer is simply useless because ram is the thing that provides speed to the computer. It is up to the user what size or power of ram he/she uses because higher size ram will give higher speed to computer whereas normal sized ram will let the computer to work slowly. Normally in offices and big companies, computers are used having high sized DDR Dimm memory to get the faster speed. There are different types of rams and they can only be compatible with the specified mother boards. SDR, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 these are the types of rams. SDR rams are basically older versions or rams that were used in the old motherboards and usually have lower speed as compare to DDR rams. SDR rams are not compatible with the motherboards that are made for DDR rams. So, DDR Dimm memory is the latest version of rams that is much faster as compare to SDR rams.


DDR Dimm memory is easily accessible from every computer shop and also from every online store because they have become so common now because of their extreme usage. DDR Dimm memory is available in different sizes and people can buy it according to their needs and requirements. Dimm, dual inline memory module basically consists of random access memory circuits and these modules are placed on circuit board. Dimm is basically the replacement of SIMM means dingle inline memory module. Dimm is latest and better in speed as compare to SIMM. This is the reason people mostly prefer DDR Dimm memory in their systems to get the fast speed. There are different kinds of DDR Dimm memory having different pin count.


There are many companies that are manufacturing DDR Dimm memory but Kingston is the best. Kingston is a very famous brand name that is always at the top in technology field USBs, memory cards, Rams and many other things are famous products of Kingston. Kingston products like DDR Dimm memory can easily be accessed from any store or from the official website of Kingston. There are many online stores who are keeping all the variety of Kingston DDR Dimm memory. These stores are eBay, Amazon etc. they are having exclusive and best quality products related to technology and computer fields. Different products and detailed information is also available that gives a great facility to the customer to select the product according to his/her choice and requirement.


The best things about these stores are some products like Kingston DDR Dimm memory might be available in warranty. This gives a great peace of mind to the customer as he is buying the thing which will be in a good condition. DDR Dimm memory that is designed for laptop is usually smaller in size as compare to desktop computers because laptops don’t have much space to get adjusted with desktop’s DDR Dimm memory. So, by visiting these online stores, you simply can buy different products of your own choice according to your budget as well.

By Eva Rosenberg, published at 05/11/2012
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