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Over one hundred years ago, a famous speaker asked his audience whether anyone would really ever have any use for the computer, yet fast forwarding to the present, we cannot imagine our lives without it. We find it so useful that we want to carry it with us wherever we go, and it is because of this need for portability that we strive to find ourselves notebooks.

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Notebooks are portable personal computers that can be charged in order to retain energy for use away from home or the office. There are various types of notebooks and they differ in the size and weight of notebooks, their shape, their memory capacity, as well as their price and battery life.

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In finding the best notebooks to meet your needs, it is important to know exactly what your needs are. Larger notebooks may be bulkier, but they will provide you with more features and better performance than smaller notebooks which are elegantly slow but have small display as well as smaller keys on its keypad. It is therefore important for the buyer to prioritize his wants so as to decide if size beats performance, or vice versa.

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Also, when searching for the best notebooks, it is also important to know your plans with the machine. A person who intends to use their notebooks purely for business will require a different type of machine from someone who wants to deal in video editing and three-dimensional graphics.

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If aesthetics is all that will please you, then definitely the best notebooks for you differs from that of a person who would like to play games the whole day on his or her piece of technology. Therefore, it is important to know what your needs are in order to help you settle for the best notebooks that will serve you well.

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Notebooks are a pretty dynamic piece of technology; meaning that in the very near future, notebooks will be performing better than what is the best in the market today. This means that notebooks are not future proof, and you may have to buy a better performing laptop if performance is your priority, in the future.


But for now, if you need notebooks that meets all your requirements, you can find them anywhere at a reasonable price. If you need it fast and high performing, there are definitely notebooks for you, and if you are a great traveller and you need it light, then there are various selections at your disposal.

Sources and Citations

In order for an individual to find the best notebooks to fit all your needs, it is important to do a great deal of research. You need to go to the internet and find the best notebooks from various reviews by critics who will break down the components of different types of notebooks so that you can choose which one meets your fancy. You can also get flyers that advertise particular notebooks in a computer shop as these usually advertise the product by highlighting its key features. Once you have this, you can find yourself the best notebooks that will meet all your specifications while providing you with portability as well.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/01/2012
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