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Tips And Ideas For Pc Notebooks


For their superior mobility, the pc notebooks are more and more the best choice for anyone that uses a computer. The pc notebooks have a superior mobility because they don t use so much power as a laptop. They have an inferior configuration, but they make up for that disadvantage with a reduced size.

Step 1

The duo processor / graphics card are the key to system performance. RAM can be added easily if needed and any HDD is not difficult to remove. As for autonomy we need to find compatible higher capacity batteries for pc notebooks. Intervention on notebook processor is however quite difficult, while the graphics card can not be replaced. So, it's important to choose a processor and video card as needed. The most suitable processors are currently Intel Core i3 and i5 Mobile (M) - or if your pocket will allow i7. If you opt for pc notebooks, you will not find such configurations and will have to choose something in the range of Intel Atom. Capable of HD playback without headaches are Atom N450/N455 processors. The AMD is preparing a new class of processors (APU - with integrated graphics) for laptops that will be available soon.

Step 2

For graphics / video services, there is the Nvidia Quadro FX series. Processor and video card are key drivers of all pc notebooks, but it is evident that without enough RAM the pc notebook will not work well. For everything to go as smooth as possible, I recommend 2 GB for pc notebooks and 4 GB if you opt for a laptop.

Step 3

Hard disk drive or storage, would be great to be on the SSD (silence, speed, low power consumption), but the cost of a laptop with such a component is very high. So we look back to old ladies HDDs, which are free to choose how our heart desires. The remaining configuration does not require extensive discussion. All pc notebooks now have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Webcam, features absolutely necessary in a world that lives over the Internet.


As operating system can only say that I am the adept of products that come without OS. Well, with Apple we can say that everything is included, as they are laptop manufacturers, and operating system manufacturers.

nothing is more uncertain and harder to accept than autonomy. Basically, this has remained a lower stage of development, but we got used to the situation and came to praise a laptop lasting more than five hours. And manufacturers fool us with some labels that we see sometimes eight hours autonomy. But what are the conditions? Below 50% screen brightness, Wi-Fi off, to not stress the processor with HD movies. These conditions do not quite apply in practice.

Some More Tips

In everyday use, good laptop autonomy does not pass four hours. What is less, but it seems that we have no choice. Even sadder is that large changes are not foreseen... So my only recommendation is to look for a laptop that lasts for three hours at least. Because when you're on the road watching a movie, sit on the net, or write in Word, you can't keep the brightness to minimum. Sure, for a desktop replacement system all these things are not that important.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/09/2012
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