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How To Buy a Pc Notebook


Buying a notebook pc is more similar to buying any other PC. For business people who move from place to place, a notebook computer is the most applicable and convenient device. This is because their portability is enhanced as well as functioning. There are some of the key factors to consider on how to buy a notebook pc as follows:

Step 1

Price comes first in anything one wants to purchase. This should be the same for the notebook pc as they vary in prices with different brands. Normally, Pc notebooks are expensive compared to other computers thus one should be well prepared for it. Their prices also differ according to the features incorporated in each. It is good to note that upgrading pc notebooks with other components is not easy. For this case, checking on the features ensures the best price in market.

Step 2

The notebook display should be checked on when purchasing one. This is both in terms of display type and size. Considering the TFT type is better as it provides brighter and clear display. This allows viewing comfortably from some angle. The display size of the notebook pc should be one that suits the buyer’s needs. In most cases, the screen display size is usually small. The best size should range from 14 inches onwards as that offers a great resolution for improved clarity.

Step 3

Everyone wants a notebook pc with some reliable battery life. Unlike the desktops, notebooks are frequently used when off the plug. The notebook’s battery life has to be considered and that is the average battery run time. Its life should be longer to offer efficiency and reduce recharge task.

Step 4

The connectivity of the notebook pc is another area to have a look at. There are notebooks that don’t permit Internet browsing while on the other end, some allow Internet accessibility. Rather than Internet connectivity, the same notebook should allow connectivity to business networks or to other gadgets like the television. The areas to check include presence of docking ports, the S-Video ports or integrated network interface cards.

Step 5

The most common area to determine the best notebook pc is the specifications. These are what determine its power and performance especially the processor. Latest Intel processors, such as the Duo Core and the Solo Core, work best with a pc notebook. The memory, RAM, also determines the performance of a notebook. These range with Megabytes with the recommended being 512 MB RAM. There are also pc notebooks with higher memory of up to 1024 MB with higher performance.

Step 6

The other area is the hard drive and its revolution speed. This is the storage memory and is determined by the purpose for the notebook in terms of the size of files to be stored. A 40 GB drive is recommended for a notebook pc and an average revolution speed of 4200 RPM. There are other higher options as well.



The way on how to buy a notebook pc becomes simple as time passes. All the above factors are what lead to a smooth venture in purchasing a pc notebook. It is good to have a notebook pc and experience capabilities and functions.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 02/26/2012
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