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5 Companies That Sell a Pink Notebook


Which girl doesn’t love a pink notebook? Since the advent of colorful notebooks, everyone, including girls and boys have had a sigh of relief. Since everyone was tired of the boring, black, gray and silver models. Pink is every girly girl’s favorite color. And who could’ve imagined a pink notebook back in those days.


Since the concept of laptops and notebooks was introduced to us, all we saw were the three colors that existed. No one had thought of incorporating color in these notebooks and laptops. Up until a few years ago, a pink notebook was just a fantasy. Now we have notebooks and laptops in every color, NOT just pink.


The top 5 brands that have been known to have the best pink notebooks are going to be listed. On number five, we have the Asus pink notebook. This notebook looks very beautiful, has a 3d texture. Its color is a hot pink, and comes with a beautiful cover, which is in the same color and is very good quality. The bag is so appealing that, you might even buy the laptop just because of the bag. It’s that beautiful. It even has pink accessories with it, such as a pink mouse. The color is more appealing because, not a lot of brands make a hot pink notebook. On number four, there is Toshiba, they have a very appealing baby pink notebook, which are available in all sizes. So if you don’t want to buy a very bright color, you can always go for this soft pink. The notebooks are said to have very good battery life, and a very soft touchpad. It’s a very durable brand. On number three, we have Dell. This brand is a favorite, everyone praises this brand, and the best part about this brand is that fact that the laptops are extremely affordable. They look good and they are highly tough. Dell has started a variety of colors in their laptops, and pink notebook is one of the best they have. On number two of the pink notebook countdown, is Sony Vaio. Sony Vaio was known as the best brand from pink notebook. They have beautiful pink shades and the notebook is rated as some of the best. This brand is very well known, is very hi-tech and has very good quality products. On number one is the Apple notebook. Apple has a pink notebook too! Apple is already known for their durability and also for how good they look. This brand is the top brand nowadays. Their notebooks are a little expensive, but are the best in the market

Tips and comments

All the brands mentioned above are good in their own way. Sometimes, when you are looking for a pink notebook, you tend to go for the outlook and how good the pink notebook looks, and the specifications come second. This could lead to you getting a bad notebook just because it looks good. That’s why you should also pay close attention to the specifications and the brand.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/27/2012
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5 Companies That Sell a Pink Notebook. 4 of 5 based on 13 votes.