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The Best Notebook Mouse Accessories


It’s remarkable how laptops computers have completely replaced the use of old desktop computers. Everywhere you look you have people using laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs and small smart phones with most computer features especially if you have a windows phone. Other than the built in touchpad one thing that you’ll see a lot of people still using with their notebooks is a mouse. Now of course we don’t need to define what a mouse is, not in this age anyway. Everyone is always looking for new and unique accessories to use with their notebooks. Some buy cute and trendy notebook sleeves, some put on notebook skins that match their personality and some use great notebook mouse accessories. Now what are notebook mouse accessories? Mouse for notebooks come in two forms, the tiny mouse with retractable wire or the own built in touchpad. Both of these essential hardware have great accessories to make their use a whole lot better. Without a proper notebook mouse, you probably couldn’t work properly so why not make it more easy to use.


The first accessory we are going to talk about is the E-tip Gloves. Now I’m sure everyone likes to work on the notebook while sitting in the park on the grass, or if you’re going somewhere nice for a trek or camping you definitely need to carry your laptop in case you ever need it. Now most of the time you are going to experience cold weather and hence you are going to be wearing fat and thick gloves. The problem with these is that when you want to use your fingers for typing or the ATM machine you need to take the gloves off. With the E-tip glove that’s not a problem. These allow you to have proper motor skills for using your notebook mouse with the proper grip and even type while keeping your hand completely warm even in hinder conditions so you don’t need to take them off. You can use the touch pad perfectly as well as these gloves have a special smooth texture at the tip of the index finger and the thumb for perfect touchpad use.


The second excellent notebook mouse accessory is the mouse pad pouch. Now if you like to use the retractable mouse with your notebooks, you should definitely own this. Optical mouse works best with a proper surface for the sensor hence you need a pad. The mouse pouch for notebooks is designed to be of a complete circular pad with enough space for you to move the mouse and the best part is how easily you can move around with it. The mouse pouch is foldable and zipped to allow room inside for you to put in your mouse along with other small accessories like a USB flash drive. It’s zips up so small you can wear the pouch around your neck.

Tips and comments

Finally it is recommended that you to use a lap desk with a foldable mouse table. Now all notebooks and laptops should be used with a lap desk otherwise it can cause serious burns to your lap. When doing so use a lap desk that has a separate foldable tray for your mouse so you have ample of space to move your notebook mouse.

By Amara, published at 03/05/2012
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