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Is the Lenovo Notebook Good?


You must’ve come across the Lenovo notebook when you were out shopping for a new laptop. Lenovo is a very old brand, founded in China 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi. Today this company is the largest computer manufacturer in Asia. The forming of the name “Lenovo” is also quiet interesting. The name is a merger of two words, “Le” (from Legend) and “novo” (Latin for “new”) and together they mean new legends, “Lenovo”. Now the Lenovo people wanted to expand, as the brand was hardly popular outside of China, but in 2004 Lenovo took one of its biggest steps in history by acquiring the IBM PC division. They paid a hefty sum of $1.25 billion and became one of the largest foreign acquisitions of China. I believe that is a good enough history and background about Lenovo, let’s move on to a more important topic: Are Lenovo notebooks really that good?


Lenovo notebook, being a China product is highly doubted in the market in matters of quality. When people of think Toshiba, a Japanese brand and since they consider Japanese brand to be quiet durable, Is what they perceive in Toshiba and Similarly in Sony but when it comes to Lenovo you can’t help but wonder, if it will be good enough. Of course everything is made in China now, but when you know there’s a good company like Sony supervising the quality in China in its operations, doubting quality is far much less likely. Still Lenovo laptops have done quite well in the Market and hold a good 25% of the Asian Market. However the overall rating of the notebook isn’t as good there are some Key aspects of the Lenovo notebooks that make it stand out of the rest and make it a must and reliable buy.


In a 2011 review, it stated that Lenovo notebook, good but not great. While they recommended a lot of Lenovo laptops the ThinkPad T410s and the Lenovo 3000 C were some of the top rated Lenovo notebooks in 2011. Let’s evaluate Lenovo’s laptops in much more detail. When it comes to design, Lenovo has been quiet conservative but has started to leave that trend behind. Models like the Clementine orange IdeaPad U260 and the Thinkpad Edge have really an eye alluring design with matt finish decks for the beauty and infinity glass screens. If you like the “touchpad” concept Lenovo definitely stands out in touch senility technology. It provides strong feedback that makes you believe you’re in the virtual cyberspace and the “Accutype” keyboard is a much consumer’s favorite.

Tips and Comments

Lenovo is providing excellent online tech and software support o its Lenovo notebook users. Although you will find the techs not wanting to respond to software issues, hence, making them loose their top position in market. They have a wide selection of laptops, even though its prime star is the Thinkpad series. They tend to provide consumer-focused products as to be better able to compete with other giants such as HP and Dell. Finally coming to consumer satisfaction, a lot of people are quite satisfied with their Lenovo notebooks, but what really stains the Lenovo brand is the face that almost half of the Lenovo users had to contact tech support for help with software issues.

By Amara, published at 03/16/2012
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Is the Lenovo Notebook Good?. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.