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5 Things You Must Know About Notebook Cooler


The top five things you must know about the laptop fan include the location, the purpose, the advantages, the advancement and the disadvantages of not having the cooler notebook. These things tell you all about the cooler notebook you want to know. The location is obviously beneath the laptop. It is located under the laptop as all the machinery is found there and that is the place that needs cooling while being used. The basic purpose of the cooler notebook is to provide the air to cool down the heated up machinery of the laptop when you continuously use it.

The laptop cooler is often used instead of the cooling fans that are found in the laptops. The advantage of this cooler notebook is that it is not only heat sensitive, it is also skin sensitive. A cooler notebook that is multipurpose provides coolness to the users lap along with that being provided to the machine inside the laptop. There has been much advancement made in the cooler laptop for the benefits of the user. This advancement includes the cooler notebook that  detects and reads the memory cards being attached in the laptop. Of course, if you do not have the cooler notebook in your laptop, it might get worn out soon after being used to a great extent as it will have nothing to cool it down.


The history of notebook cooler goes back to 1999. The Indian IT expert Rakesh Bhatia presented a design of cooler notebook. He presented it as a horizontal surface in order to increase the flow of air in the machinery of the laptop. This cooler notebook allowed the user to use as much laptop as he wants. The cooler notebook also enabled the people to use their laptops with ease.


There are two methods that the cooler notebook uses to provide cooling air to the laptop. The active and the passive cooler notebook use two different techniques to cool down your laptop. Then we have the multipurpose cooler notebook that comes with a memory cars reader as built in device. There are loads of features of the cooler notebook that will attract you in getting it installed. If you do not have the cooler notebook, you might have trouble in making your laptop work for a longer period of time. The disadvantage of not having the cooler notebook includes the wearing out of the machinery inside the laptop that gets heated when being used. As the laptop will not have anything to cool it down so it will get damaged and you might lose something very important.

Tips and comments

There are multipurpose and multisurface cooler notebooks that work is a special way and provide stuff like memory card reader and more. This way your laptop will work much longer than it will without the cooler notebook.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/21/2012
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