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A notebooks computer is an extremely lightweight personal computer, weighing around 6 or fewer pounds and is small enough to fit inside a briefcase, thus easily portable. The first notebooks computer was the Compaq LTE launched in 1989, with extremely small dimensions 1.9x8.5x11 inches, almost similar to the size of an A4 paper book. Notebooks computer come in handy for any person who needs to carry work to different locations. Notebooks computer is known to be the provider of basic functions in a smaller handy size. This computer comes with different features ideal for the user depending with the specifications he/she so desires.

About Notebooks Computer

Apart from portability, a notebooks computer can also be effectively turned into a desktop. This can so be done by using a hardware frame that supplies connections for peripheral input/output devices, usually known as a docking station. This allows you to connect a notebooks computer to a number of peripherals by using just a single plug.

Notebooks computer is generally a customized computer made to fit the user’s lifestyle. The user gets the features he/she wants, for example; good processor speed, more memory, video cards, and more often saves money in the process. It’s also ideal for business travelers, professionals who find comfort in the portability and power of the notebooks computer. The main distinction of a notebooks computer is the display screen, which uses flat-panel technologies to produce a lightweight and non-bulky display screen. Though the display screens vary from one notebooks computer to the other, and are limited to VGA resolution, producing crystal clear images, but do not refresh that rapidly.

Different approaches can be used by notebooks computer to integrate a mouse into the keyboard, inclusive of the touch pad, trackball and even the pointing stick. A serial port in the notebooks computer can also allow a regular mouse to be connected.

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Today’s notebooks computer is almost equivalent to a personal computer, in that it has same CPU, RAM, even disk drives. It also comes with battery packs that enable you to run it, without connection to a power outlet, but just recharging every now and then.

In terms of hardware, the previous versions of notebooks computer were not that flexible with configuring the hardware because of their small size. But due to the improvement in the IT sector, and the ever changing technology, notebooks computer is now featuring with new additional features and latest technologies, even though they are widely known rather for their smaller size than the new technology.

A notebooks computer can also be wireless in some ways. Actually there are three ways in which this can be possible; the first one is inserting a PCI wireless card into an open PCI port of a notebooks computer, enabling it to network with a another computer, usually a desktop. The next available way is by having a wireless reception built in. upon activation, the notebooks computer automatically searches for an available wireless connection. Last but not least, is by use of a USB broadband modem.


Basically, notebooks computer becomes handy in any place of work, and even in schools, due to its portable nature and maybe introduction of new technologies. The best known producers of notebooks computers are Apple, Compaq, HP, Sony, Toshiba and Dell.

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