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What Are the Best Notebooks And Computers?


Today not everyone works from the traditional office settings, these have give rise to the need for notebooks and computers that are portable in order to enable the busy professional who is always on the move to continue working even when they are away from their offices. Notebooks computers enable busy professional to keep in touch with their work places and the rest of the world even on the move. These notebook and computers which are highly portable enables people to work and also get entertained wherever they are. The notebooks and computers are getting smaller in size with the ability to pack as many devices as possible. This is to allow for more flexibility to people who have to be constantly on the move yet they have to keep working. Their small compact design makes it possible to carry them around in bags and move around with them quite easily.

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When shopping for the best notebook and computers to buy you need to consider their functions as different models pack varying functions such as webcams, built-in mic for conferencing and video chats among other features. If your laptop computer is basically for listening to music and internet browsing then you may not require a powerful machine. For people who have to travel a lot hence most of their work needs to be accessible from their notebooks and computers they will require a device with enough battery life, memory card reader and enough hard disk space.

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The best notebook computers should have the following features:

  • Design - Notebook computers are built to be portable, different types have varying dimensions. Screen sizes range from 11 to 17 inches and colors range from black to brown. Best laptops are Energy star rated which means they are highly energy-efficient.
  • Performance - Best notebooks and computers have fast processors and you don’t have all day to wait for files and other content to load or download. An operating system and video card that performs well are essential and user friendly.
  • Features Set - Good notebooks and computers have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Other options include video chats and web conferences capabilities. Other gadgets may have Blu-Ray disc drive and other security features.
  • Battery and Memory - Battery and memory for you notebooks and computers are crucial as this will enable you to store more files, applications and even music. Battery life is crucial as this enables you to have power whenever you need to use the portable computer. Best laptop computers will give you about 7 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  • Warranty and Support - All electronics experience normal wear and tear with continued use however much you care for your gadget. Before buying the notebook computer ensure you have looked at the warranty that comes with the computer. Most computers have a one year warranty attached to them while other offer extended warranty options which offers enhanced services.

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Some of the top of the range notebooks computers include:

  • Dell XPS 15z
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Hp Pavillion dm4x
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