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Best Paper To Print a Poster


The quality of paper plays a crucial part in the making of a good and attractive poster. You may have all the beautiful designs and attention seeking statements to have on your posters but if the paper that you choose to print it all on is not the right type or quality, then the entire aesthetics of your poster can be ruined.

There are a number of problems that people face when faced with the task of finding the right kind of paper to print poster on. One of these is that good quality poster printing paper is very expensive and is not easily affordable for most people. Although finding good quality paper for print poster that is affordable is not that difficult a task, it requires a certain level of knowledge about the kinds of paper in the market and what exactly you want from the poster paper. Most people who are new to poster printing face the elementary problem of lack of knowledge about the types of paper for print poster available in the market and what kind of printing would suit which particular paper. Most people therefore have difficulty in choosing the right kind of paper which not only suits their purpose but also fits their budget.

What kind of paper you should opt for relies on what type of printing you intend to do what is the design and material to be printed on your poster. Posters papers based on their composition are of two types, those that are made of alpha cellulose and those made of cotton. The alpha cellulose papers are cheaper than cotton paper though the latter can also be found in a reasonable price as well. Papers for print poster can also be either coated or un-coated. Again, if you intend to use the poster paper for printing photography or art, you would want to choose a coated paper for your print poster, as it will give it a glossy and finished look. However, if you intend to use the paper for a print poster that will incorporate a large amount of text, your best bet will be an un-coated paper which will allow the printed ink to absorb into the fibers within the paper itself, allowing for maximum visibility and a better print for texts.


If you are shopping for paper to print poster on, it is important to remember that you need to first find out about the types of papers available in the market. While some papers are good or printing light colors, some are not made for the proper printing of dark colors and while some can print pictures, others may have a texture that is unsuitable. If a person understands which paper is suited for what kind of printing, then it becomes easier for them to choose the right kind of paper to print poster. This task can become easy if the right kind of choice is based on the knowledge of different types of poster printing paper.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/20/2012
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