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How To Scan

Published at 02/08/2012 22:20:58


Every now and then we must scan for different reasons a document, an ID or drivers license. Scanning its easy and everyone with an all-in-one printer can do it. Scanning converts a hard-copy document into an electronic format, which can be stored on your computer. It is wise to create backup for your important documents, like office report or any type of document. You can scan almost everything. The scanned documents can be sent after the scan as email or whatever you wish to do with it. The easiest way to scan documents is with an all-in-one printer. I recommend using the printer because you can scan and print the documents. Having a standalone scanner might not be as efficient as an all-in-one printer because it takes a lot of space and also it uses one USB slot. Here are some easy steps that will teach you how to scan a document.

Step 1

First off all you have to turn on the printer and the computer. Also check the connectivity between them, make sure you plug in the printer in the USB slot.

Step 2

Now open your printer’s scanner lid and make sure that the surface is clean. If there is dust or fingerprints on the surface wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Using a soft cloth will reduce the risk of scratching the surface.

Step 3

Put the document on the surface. You have to put the document with the face down. The scanner has some alignment markers on the left edge that will help you to position the document perfectly.

Step 4

Close the lid. Try to close the lid slowly because you will avoid moving the document from the perfect position you placed it before.

Step 5

Now you have to select the resolution of the scan. The resolution is in dots per inch or dpi. With higher resolution you will get better results, the image will be clearer and it will have more details.

Step 6

Locate the scan button and push it. If your printer has a scan button press it, if it doesn’t you will have to use the computer. There is some specialized scanning software but usually the printer has its own scanning software.

Step 7

Use your computer to see the preview of the scan. Usually to see the preview you have to use the software on your computer. If the preview of the scan looks good then push the scan button. After the scan is complete you can edit the picture on your computer, also the software you have will let you edit the image.

Step 8

Now save your work and remove the document from the all-in-one printer. Make sure you put the original document in a secure place.


I hope this small tutorial will help you when you have to scan important documents. It’s not hard to scan documents or pictures. A really good thing to do with a scanner is to scan all your old photos so you can have them in an electronic format also. You can edit some old photographs with specialized photo editing software.


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