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How To Make Printable Coloring Pages


Printable coloring pages are a godsend to every parent. No longer do you have to go on the search for new coloring books everyday to satisfy their little artist. Now instead of running to the store, you can head right to your computer and print up anything they want to help feed their growing creativity and imagination. Here are a few ways you can make your own printable coloring pages and always have some on hand for every kid in the home.

Step 1

The first thing you need to make anything printable is a computer and a working printer. You do not need an expensive fancy printer; a simple one that prints black and white is all that is necessary. A scanner can be an added bonus as well as a good paint program to create your own printable images and pages for your kids to enjoy.

Step 2

Go online and do a search for printable coloring pages. The search results will reveal hundreds of choices to choose from with the majority of them being free. Choose a site and go through the printable images they offer and choose the ones that you want to print out. You will either have the option to download to your computer or you can right click and “save as” to your computer to print out.

Step 3

Draw pictures by hand, use your scanner to copy, and put them on your computer to create printable coloring images. You can draw the images yourself or get creative and allow your kids to draw the pictures themselves to scan and then print out.

Step 4

You can also create printable images from uncolored pictures in coloring books for your kids. This is especially handy if you have more than one child and they all want to color the same picture. Just scan the images of the coloring book, save them on your computer, and print out as many copies as you need of each image.

Step 5

A paint program will allow you to create your own printable images right on your computer. Open up your paint program and play around creating pictures that your kids will enjoy coloring. Allow your kids to help you by dictating what they want or to play around in the paint program themselves to create their own designs.

Step 6

Another option is downloading a free coloring program or purchasing a coloring book program that already has printable images included. These programs come with up to hundreds of different printable designs for kids. They can even color the picture right in the program for you to print out; the options are endless.


Make learning fun for preschoolers by choosing printable coloring activities, such as with different shapes and activities.

Use your paint program to turn your photos into coloring pages. Do this by choosing the “sketch” option under the filters menu on your paint programs tool bar.

Save all the printable images you download or scan in a folder on your computer, that way you can reprint it later if needed.

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