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What Is An All in One Printer

Published at 02/10/2012 00:47:21


While making that purchase of an all in one printer, then one must make sure that all the features of the printer can be accessed in one place. This can also involve other hardware that will work efficiently to get the documents printed well.

Ideas of an all in one printer

A printer that requires extra connections will require a lot of space. But you can get an all in one machine that has the additional qualities in a scanner that will be used to transfer documents from one form to the other. The machine can also be incorporated to have the copier. This is the gadget that will be used to make those new and extra copies for your documents.

If you are operating a fax machine, then there is no need of transferring faxed message or carrying them using a flash disk for printing to take place. An all one in one printer with a fax machine within is the best. Whenever one needs to print messages, they can be done easily as the printer is able to hold the fax machine internally making one to only see a printer while inside it there is the fax to do the faxing job.

Many old printers usually printed in black and white. They usually operated on the inkjet mechanism. These all in one printer can be incorporated to provide both the colored printer and the black and white prints. They can be used to produce photos without the need of taking them to the photo studios to be printed.

Some printers work without the connections cables. There are those that are wireless, connected through the wireless finite mode. This implies that the printer can get the instruction to work without one running from place to place. The printer is connected through to other offices. Whenever printing is to be done, no connections will be required. This printer can produce hundred of documents within a very short time possible as it is faster.

Some printers lack the capacity to print documents in both sides. An all in one printer can incorporate some tools that will be enable printing on both sides of the paper. This can reduce the amount of time required while turning the pages. It will also save on papers that are required to print the documents.

Instead of key pads to operate the all in one printer, then the touch technology can be used. The printer is built with touch sensitive panels that allows for a sleek design. Instead of the space for the keypads, the area is reduced therefore making the printer small in size.

There are those printers that cannot work with some printing ink. Either they will produce blurred images that are of poor quality to the clients. An all in one printer must accommodate any type of ink in the market.


While making the purchase of the printer, it is good to go for the all in one that accommodates many features in one machine. This will get the maximum benefits without the need to assemble many machines for efficient work.