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How To Choose the Best All in One Printer


It's often hard to find a device that is of high quality but very affordable in price. If you buy only cheap printer all in one, you get very poor quality for the price, but if you want to find the cheapest printer all in one that has the best quality, then one of the choices you should consider is the Canon MP250 printer all in one.

Step 1

All printers should be like this one and we present you a review of this model so you can make an idea how to choose the best printer all in one.
This is a very simple device, but aesthetically pleasing. It has an overall white body with a gray bottom panel. When not in use, you might be intrigued where will be the paper printed out. But the output tray actually opens during use of the printer all in one.

Step 2

The top panel can be opened and the glass panel serves as a scanner and copier. It has very simple buttons on the top right panel and has a small screen with 7-segment LED that shows only the important information you need when using the printer all in one.

Step 3

For an all in one, this device is very compact. It has dimensions of 17.5 "x 13.1" x 6.1 "and weighs 12.7 kg. You can set this printer all in one on any table, desk, shelf or stand, but you must ensure that it is close to your main PC, because it is not wireless and the distance from the PC is limited by the wire that connects the two devices.

Step 4

Although you can not print directly from memory cards and USB devices, you can still print directly from PictBridge cameras. The printer all in one is connected to a PC via a USB cable so the activity between the two devices is very fast.
Although this is the cheapest printer all in one from Canon, it can certainly compete with the features of other expensive models. As a printer all in one is quite fast with a print speed of 7 inches per minute for documents white and 4.8 inches per minute for color documents.

Step 5

You can even print borderless 4 x 6 photos in 56 seconds. Borderless printing on this printer all in one can even be done on letter size documents of 8.5 "x 11". Maximum resolution that can be produced by the printer is 600 x 600 dpi for black and white documents and 4800 x 1200 dpi for colored images. Despite its affordable price, the quality of this printer really should not be underestimated.


The printer all in one can reproduce images faster than 39 seconds for color documents. You can produce a maximum of 99 copies in one setting. Photocopying also has other features such as borderless paper to maximize space, and fits large documents pages if you want to compress. It has a flatbed scanner, which uses a contact image sensor to read a maximum of 8.5 "x 11.7" size document. There may be a maximum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi for optical scanning and 19200 × 19200 dpi for interpolated scan.


This can be cheaper printer all in one from Canon, and may be even cheaper than all printer brands, but the quality of Canon MP250 All-in-one printer is so much more than its price. We recommend this product because it has many great features and useful functions. Canon has done a good job in showing the world that a device does not need to be expensive.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/12/2012
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How To Choose the Best All in One Printer. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.