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Hooking Up a Printer To All Of Your Computers


The ability to share a single printer with all the computers and laptops in your home is a convenient and handy element. It will save you from having to acquire multiple printers, or truck your laptop around to where the printer is and plugging it in. In this article we will provide some history of the computer printer and some helpful tips on how to connect your printer to all the computers in the house.

The year 1938 brought in the technology that would later we developed to our modern printer. Charles Chester invented a device that performed electrophotography or dry printing, and this device was named Xerox. In 1953, the first high-speed printing device was founded by Remington-brand, an early business machine manufacture. The year 1976 brought in the first ink using printer, which was later developed for home usage by the company Hewlett-Packard's, who later on went to release the first laser printer.

Decide if there is one computer in your house that can be classed as the sole printing device in your home, the one where all the occupants can go to print off the things that they require. If this is not an applicable procedure in your house, then there are some methods to connect all your computers to one printer.

If you own a Microsoft Windows 2000/XP model of computer, then here are the steps to connect all your computers to the one printer. Firstly open up the computers control panel, this can be found in the start menu normally on the right hand side. Once you have opened up the control panel, click on the printer/fax icon. If there is printer software on your computer, a particular printer icon/model will be visible. Right click on this and scroll down to properties. Once there go onto the sharing tap and ascertain that the printer is on share mode. Once this is done all the computers in the house should be able to use the one printer.

If you instead own a later model computer like Microsoft Windows 95/98 then the steps to connect all the computers to the printer will vary slightly. Go into the start menu and click again on the control panel. When in instead of clicking on printing/fax click the network button. As soon as you are there click the file and print sharing button. In this window you will come across an option that asks if you want to allow others to print to your printer, click yes then close the window. The computer may require being restarted, after this go once again to the control panel click printers/fax and make sure under the sharing tab the printer is indeed shared with all the computers in the house.

Some printers these days are wireless which makes connecting all your computers to one printer extremely easy. There are two main types of wireless printers, ones which utilise your WIFI connection or ones that have an inbuilt Bluetooth component. When it is connected through the Wi-Fi network all computers in your house can utilise the printer as long as they are in a certain distance from the printer, normally 100feet. Bluetooth allows all Bluetooth technology, including computers, digital cameras and phones to print things off the printer.


Connect your printer to all your computers.

By Athena Rhodes, published at 02/21/2012
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Hooking Up a Printer To All Of Your Computers. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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