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Which Prints Of Art Are Best To Use


An original print is a work of art created by hand and printed by hand, either by the artist or by a professional assistant, from a plate, block, stone, or stencil that has been hand created by the artist for the sole purpose of producing the desired image. In fact, in all print media but two, the image on the matrix (what the print is produced from) is mirror image or backwards from what the finished work will be. Each print produced is technically a unique work. The technical term for this is monoprint. An original print is actually one piece of a multiple original work of art. There are a number of prints to choose from and to decide which prints art are best. In the old times, the most widely used prints were wood cuts, wood engraving, stamped prints, engraving, etching, lithographs (invented in 1798) etc. Today, it comprises of mixed media prints and photo mechanical process.


The concept of prints of art dates back to the old ages. There are many types of prints art that were used for the purposes of art or written work. They can be categorized as “Relief process” which evolved in China sometime around 800 A.D and is the oldest printing method. It involves wood cuts, wood engravings, Linoleum cuts and stamped prints. Another category is “Intaglio process” which includes engravings, etching, dry point, “Stencil process” and in the most recent years, the concept of “Mixed media prints” has become common. Another prints art process is called as “Photo Mechanical process”. This category includes mostly those types of prints intended to be used as posters. It also includes the common processes used in book, magazine, and newspaper printing.


Every individual piece of prints art has their own uniqueness owing to the fact that there are number of methods that can be used to create the best prints art. The artist knows how to bring about the best in his/her artwork. For example, a person developing a magazine poster or a web design will get it printed on a glossy paper which will enhance the artwork even more clearly and will even show the tiniest of the description. Previously when people used to create art by etching or engraving, was a completely different form then today’s prints of art. Yet, those styles had their own attributes. To determine which prints of art are best to use, it is important to understand as to how the artist wants his/her work to be represented. A clay work will not look good pasted on a glossy paper. Thus, there could be many features of the prints art but the actual print will be the reflection of the art work created.

Tips and comments

Printing from the Web can be perilous. Each browser interprets pages differently, and what emerges from the printer can sometimes look nothing like what one saw on the screen. It is important to take care while printing and to get the best print art. The printers also play a vital role as it determines the quality of the printing.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/19/2012
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