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Reviews on the All in One Canon Printer

Published at 02/19/2012 23:21:46


The presence of a PC or a laptop with a digital camera is as an obligation to buy a printer. And if technology allows, why not take advantage and buy an all in one canon printer. Scanner, copier and, of course, the print job, all concentrated into a compact, multifunctional Canon Pixma MP280 that can be purchased at a good price.


With only 450 mm length, 335 mm deep and 15.6 mm high the device weighs 5.5 kg. The all in one canon printer can be easily put in almost any corner of any room in your home. Even if small enough, do not worry that you could lose it. The all in one canon printer has a black anthracite color that will immediately attract attention. When in use, it opens by folding a support that masks the storage area for printing. It also features a flip-over extension to better support the printed documents. The control panel, positioned above the all in one canon printer, has a fair amount of buttons. Even if it is missing a LCD screen, the active function representation is achieved by a light green or yellow, continuous or intermittent light, attached to each button. The entire control panel is very detailed, with each function button labeled with the correct function.


The display is replaced with a very small window. That window indicates the number of pages set to print. The back of the all in one canon printer is designed for the power slot cord and the USB 2.0 required for connection. Compact, black, powerful, ideal for home office. These are the features of this all in one cannon printer, the Canon MP280. For an electronic product with such a purpose, transfer of digital data on the physical paper, the most important things are the ink reserves and quality. Pixma MP280 uses a black ink cartridge and one PG-510 PG-511 color ink cartridge. Optionally you can opt for bigger cartridges as PG-512 (black) or PG-513 (color). The quality of your print is impeccable because of the quality ink, made from a mix of ink pigments. Black is more intense the colors are brighter with this all in one canon printer.

Tips and comments

One performance achieved by this all in one canon printer is the amazing quality of the photographic snapshots. With the Full HD Movie Print function the video captures are printed in HD color level conditions and graphics. You now know the qualities of this all in one canon printer and now is the time to learn about some of it s problems. The strengths deserve mentioning are the irreproachable quality of prints, the manufacturer interest in balancing all three functions of the multifunctional and, last but not least, the elegant design and compact size. The less pleasant aspects are the absence of a standard USB cable package and a relatively high noise (66 dB) that accompanies the all in one cannon printer. Canon Pixma MP280 multifunctional is recommend due to the fulfillment of some clearly defined performance criteria, the seriousness with witch Canon brand treats all it s products, a good acquisition price and maintenance cost. In other words, a best buy!