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What You Need To Know About Printers Cartridge


Printer cartridge also known as ink cartridge is a replaceable part has ink. It is also well-known as inkjet cartridge. Containing ink of a printer cartridge deposited on paper and prints what it asked to be printed. A printer cartridge contains one or more than one ink reservoirs and some electronic chips and contacts. The partitioned ink reservoirs and electronic chips communicate with the printer.


Printer cartridge was first introduced in 1984. Before that ribbons or coloring ribbons are available. Ribbons were especially used for the type writers. Dot matrix printers were also used before 1984 but technology comes with a modern concept. With the mixing of technology and type writer, modern ink printer cartridge found. The method was accepted in 1990. In that time the method was available for only black and white color even photos were also printed by only two colors as well as documents.


There are two different types of printer cartridge for inkjet printers and laser printers. Inkjet printers use thermal inkjet while laser printer use laser cartridge like toner cartridge as printer cartridge. In terms of a thermal inkjet, ink reservoirs are tiny metal plate which is a heating element. A tiny current flows by a metal as a response when printer sends signals. The metal is the resistor which makes it warm and as a result ink surrounding the plate and vaporized like tiny bubble in the nozzle. The nozzle drops the little amount of ink that asked by the printer and focused out on the paper. This full process takes a millisecond. In an inkjet printer, smooth flow of ink is very important because the printing depends on it. Else the ink may begin dry and as a result the ink level will start getting low. It is also very important to clean up the dried ink from the printer cartridge. To clean the dry ink form the printer cartridge, many folded paper towels are available in market. Canon, hp and lexmark are the top producer of inkjet printers. Laser printer is another great invention of modern science that changes the system of old printing machine. It is also an optical device contains cartridge, powder, carbon, dry mixture of plastic and color elements. Though ink printers can make a very close image but in a laser printer can give the real picture or image of the submitted copy. It focused on the paper by a heated roller and completes the printing process. To produce the actual image, a toner basically transferred to paper by the help of a drum unit that charged electro statically. Toner cartridge is a very common example for a laser printer cartridge.

Tips and comments

Ink cartridge recycling could save a big amount of oil which is close to 400 gallons of oil. That’s enough o run a car for about 100 miles. Also a large amount of energy can produce by these. So it is suggested to all the users and the companies to take several steps for its recycling.

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