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Tips And Ideas For a Print Cartridge

Published at 02/20/2012 13:24:42


A print cartridge is a disposable element found in inkjet printers, which contain the ink that will be eventually printed onto paper. In a typical printer, there are normally two separate print cartridge: black and white and colour. When you run out of ink, you will need to get your print cartridge refilled; this can be sometimes a pricy endeavour. Due to this, we have supplied you with some tips and ideas that can be performed to save your ink and make it last for a longer period of time.

Step 1

Try to print only what you really require in hard copy form. If it is a viable option to read the information on the computer, instead of printing, then make sure you do this. By limiting the amount of printing you are doing, you will therefore reduce your ink use.

Step 2

 The pondering question of whether to print with colour or black and white is also related to ink conservation. If you are trying to reduce your ink usage, then try to stick with black and white printing and only use the colour ink rarely.

Step 3

Hot, cold or room temperature: An Ink cartridge can be affected by extreme fluctuations of temperature, so be sure to keep them away from extremely cold and hot temperature conditions. Room temperate is the ideal climate for an ink cartridge.

Step 4

Words vs. the image: Be sure to print pictures very rarely as they use a lot of ink compared to text. If printing a picture is necessity, then be sure to adequately crop it down to a suitable and sensible size to reduce ink usage.

Step 5

Utilise the print preview feature. This will give you an accurate look at your page, and you can see what you need and what you can remove. Make things smaller, move pictures closer together, and reduce the size of text can all be done before the actually printing takes place.

Step 6

Snip, Snip: If you wish to print some information off a web page, it is a smart idea to copy and paste the information into a word document. This will save you ink by not having to print all the websites extras, and you can alter it when it’s in the word document. This includes reducing size of text, cropping pictures and even deleting pictures from the page.

Step 7

Ensure that you turn your printer off when it is not in use. If left on, your printer can become heated and dry the ink in the cartridge.


  1. When the ink of your printers cartridge have run out, you can either get them refilled or buy an entirely new set of cartridges.
  2. Over 300 million cartridges are thrown on landfills annually. Because of this disturbing statistics, it is a wise idea to recycle the cartridge you no longer have any use for. There are many organisations in America that can fulfill this avenue.
  3. Some printers have cleaning software that can unclog your cartridge, meaning, you can use the last bit of remaining ink.
  4. Keep your cartridge from drying out. Keep away from direct sunlight and open flames
  5. Do not shake your cartridges.
  6. A discernible sign that you need to get your ink cartridge replaced is a fading of colour on your color printing and faded words with black and white.
  7. When you have a document that you wish to print but its quality is of no high importance, then print it off on draft format, this will make it black and white, thus saving ink.

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