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7 Tips To Buy Better All in One Printer Inkjet

Published at 03/01/2012 13:00:53


Almost all offices, modern homes, organizations and various businesses are using all in one printer inkjet. Some of your needs are the one to determine what and which type of all in one printer inkjet you want in market. While buying a printer, there are many things u are supposed to consider, they include:-

Step 1

Cost, all in one printer inkjet are not that expensive as compared to other types of printers like laser, thus their maintenance cost is low; on the side of cost consider the quality of the printer. Most of the low qualities of printer inkjet are cheap, they ma breakdown at a times thus they will not serve your needs properly.

Step 2

Consider what kind of media it will be printing on. Although many of all in one printer inkjet can handle variety of media, it is good to have this as your consideration before buying the printer. Printer might not be like printing on large size papers. If some of the specifications you need are not found in that printer, opt for a more expensive all in one printer inkjet which will suit all your needs.

Step 3

The speed of all in one printer inkjet you want to purchase. Some of these printers may be slow in printing as per rated. Check how the printer is rated by the manufacturer. The speed of your printer may be lowered by complexity in your document, graphics and color. Eight pages per min for black text and six pages for color text per minute this signifies a good printer inkjet.

Step 4

The kind of computer you are using. Some of these all in one printer inkjet, they may not work with some computers. Some can only work with portable computers like laptops and others may not. Some may not be compatible with some operating systems like Linux, when buying your printer, be sure it is compatible with the kind of the operating system you are using.

Step 5

The make of the all in one printer inkjet you want to buy. It is advisable to buy the model of a printer which you already know about it, or either you know it. This will guarantee you that the printer you are going for is the best for you.

Step 6

Upgradability, technology is dynamic and because of that improvements and also changing needs can make you printer to be phased out. Make sure that the all in one printer inkjet can be upgraded in feature, if there will be need in technology or either you want to upgrade to suit your needs.

Tip 7

Warrant of the all in one printer inkjet you want to buy. Most of the original machines must have a warrant, this guarantees the buyer that the machine is genuine and from a genuine seller.


Many things you must put into consideration when buying your all in one printer inkjet ,considering they are not that expensive, the purpose to buy the printer. Then you will have the best printer which will suit your needs.