How To Connect a Printer To Computers Or Laptops
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How To Connect a Printer To Computers Or Laptops

Published at 02/21/2012 16:26:36

How To Connect a Printer To Computers Or Laptops

How To Connect a Printer To Computers Or Laptops

Computers have been an important part of our daily routine that includes shopping, surfing the web, socializing and other official work. Computers printer is an integral part of computer and laptop. It is a hardware component which is connected to the computer or even laptops that helps in printing documents, photos and many other activities. Nowadays, Computers printer uses different mechanism in printing such as inkjet printers, laser printers and thermal based printers. Old printers such as daisy chain printers, dot matrix printers are not only obsolete but also slow. Several renowned companies such as HP, Xerox and Canon are known for their quality printers. Nowadays, new generation printers have completely changed the overall scenario of printing. New generation computers printer is very powerful and they can print pictures of high quality.

Step 1

Take out the printer from the box and place it on the table or any appropriate place where you can operate the Computers printer easily. Connect the power cable to a power adapter to get the electricity supply. This should be after shutting down your computer or laptop. Then use the USB cable connecter to connect to your computer and laptop.

Step 2

Turn on the Computers printer to check whether the printer is able to get the power supply. Install cartridges to the printer which is available with the package. It is important to mention that if the USB cable is on Windows platform then you can also opt to leave the computer as it is, without shutting down the system.

Step 3

Now start the computer. This will show the message that a new hardware component has been added. Messages may vary due to different Operating System, but a message will be displayed on your system which will confirm that Computers printer has been added.

Step 4

A CD will be also be provided with package. It is a called as a driver of the Computers printer which needs to be installed on the operating system to mange the working of the printer. It is a mandatory step otherwise the peripheral might not work properly. A set up wizard will pop-up on the screen. Just follow the easy steps as displayed on the screen. It is even possible that the pop-up wizard might not pop, just go to Home (Or “My Computer” in Windows platform) and check for the CD/DVD drive where the icon will displayed, click on that icon and follow the simple instructions.

Step 5

To check that Computers printer is working or not print a document just for testing purpose. Open any word file and click on the print button. You can even use the software provide by the printer to print the document. Go to the printer software and select the appropriate file (in this case, a document) and click on the print button. A window will pop-up on the screen asking for the proper indentation, color, format and other important configuration, then click the OK button to verify the printer or even the document. If you have any problem regarding the printer contact the manufacturer for further guidance.