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How To Install a Printer To a Computer


The printer computer interaction is a very common practice and is very essential one. This is of great aid to businesses and individuals in publishing documents. The same technology is applied in photo studios in production of high quality pictures. The proper installation of printer computer is thus a very important task to consider whether in an office or for home personal use. The installation procedure follows steps as discussed below:

Step 1

The overall installation of a printer to a computer starts by turning the computer on and attaching the printer cable. One should ensure the machine boots completely before attaching the printer cable. The cable is what brings about connection of the printer computer. This cable is attached to the parallel port they correspond with. Connecting the cable is followed by turning on the printer whereby windows automatically detect the newly installed printer.

Step 2

In some cases of printer computer installation, the computer does not detect the connection automatically. This requires one to do it manually through the printers and faxes option. This is met by clicking the add printer wizard and following the procedural steps. The wizard might ask one to choose between a network printer and a local printer which is searched for after selecting. This meets the basic printer computer connection.

Step 3

The other step while installing printer computer involves installation of drivers. This starts when the computer prompts one to install the required driver. The drivers are contained in the CD that accompanies all new printers. This disc is inserted in the computer’s tray and after the computer reads it, it displays a window that shows all files available in it. The printer computer driver installation is met by running the executable file from the disc. This installs the drivers following an installation wizard.

Step 4

The other way of installing printer computer drivers is through Internet connection. This is trough performing a windows update of the computer. The online product support for windows allows one to acquire the required printer driver components. This is an alternative to driver installation but takes quite some time to complete the task. When completely installed, the computer notifies one of a successful printer installation. An icon for the printer is also displayed on the task bar to enhance easy printer access.

Step 5

After installing the required printer computer drivers, one is supposed to reboot the computer. Rebooting a computer after installation of any software is normal. Restarting the computer allows one to fully employ any installed computer program. When the computer reboots, running the printer software follows which permits checking if all functions as desired. It is thus easy to configure and apply other settings for the printer.


Installing a printer computer becomes an easy task after following and applying the above steps. These steps lead a person through the most reliable procedure on how to install their new printer to a computer. The only other thing to consider is maintaining the printer by scanning the software time after time. This ensures better printing experience with no losses.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 02/22/2012
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