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How To Connect One Printer To Two Computers

Published at 02/23/2012 15:17:14


Do you have two Computers? However only one printer? Assuming you do not wish to unplug the printer from one computer and hook it up to the opposite one on every occasion you wish to print. Thus let's examine some ways in which to attach two computers to your printer.

Step 1

Depending on your operating system, the printer and what you're attempting to realize, there are varied other ways to attach two computers to a similar printer: Sharing computer resources is smart. Specifically, sharing a printer between 2 or a lot of computers are some things that a lot of individuals wish to try to at home and not simply at work, as many families are commencing to own multiple computers. Printer-sharing has been potential for several years, however with new and cheaper technology; it's currently easier than ever. Connecting one printer to 2 or a lot of computers is incredibly straightforward; however how you are doing it'll rely upon your budget and different constraints.

Step 2

The first step is to use a switch. You’ll be able to get what's known as a printer switch; they're created for each parallel cable and USB cable printers. You just plug each computer and also the printer into the switch and find out the printer on every computer as you normally would. A number of the older-style, parallel printer switches cause you to physically flip a switch to assign one computer at a time to the printer, however newer and slightly costlier switches can do that for you automatically. For this resolution to figure, your computers should be shut along.

Step 3

Secondly use Windows printer sharing if you're running Microsoft Windows. Access the management Panel and then "System" on each computers; certify file- and printer-sharing is turned on, which each computers have a similar workgroup name. On the pc to that the printer is already connected, attend the management Panel and choose "Printers and Faxes." choose the printer, right-click on it and choose "Properties." choose the "Sharing" tab, click on "Share this Printer" and provides it a reputation.

Step 4

On the opposite computer, attend "Printers and Faxes" and choose "Add a Printer." select "Network Printer or Printer connected to a different laptop." select the choice to browse for a printer, and you must see the name of the printer you shared on the primary laptop. Follow the directions within the wizard, and have the printer's driver CD handy to put in the printer software on the second computer.

Step 5

Alternatively, you can buy a network printer. Several cheap printers currently embody the choice of a network association. You just ought to have a router found out close to the printer or an association to a router close to the printer. Find out and switch on the printer. Connect the printer to the router with a network cable, and then find out the IP address below the choices on the printer.


On every pc you just need to use the "Add a printer" wizard and supply the IP address you found out within the printer.

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