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How To Set Up a Canon All in One Printer

Published at 02/27/2012 14:47:31


According to reviews by experts, multifunctional printers have been proved to save funds and space. Printer canon all in one is an example of a high quality, speed printing device. It can actually function like four different devices. It can perfectly work as a printer, fax machine, scanner and photo copier. Before purchasing a printer canon all in one always have the knowledge of your operating system. It is categorized with a model number from the various functions each models carries. Examples are, Canon Pixma MX882, Canon Pixma MG8120 & Canon Pixma MFC-7460W. These models can be complicated to set up, and therefore require a helping hand to assist. Below are the basic instructions that will guide you to set up printer canon all in one by yourself.

Step 1

The first thing you need to know is how the printer canon all in one works. The easiest method to learn its function is by following the guidebook that is always given after a purchase of a printer canon all in one. After you familiarize with its various functions, look for a significant place to put it. Note that most of its function requires a clear place from close mounted surfaces or walls. If you decide to place inside a closet you might limit it from some functions like printing which allows movement of paper.

Step 2

By now the printer canon all in one should be settled waiting for a connection. When you purchase a printer canon all in one, you get a complete package of cables and drivers inside a compact disc. This cables mostly come in two’s, the power and the universal cable. You plug the power cable to the identified printer labeled D.C port on one side and the remaining side to the power socket/source. Note that this power cables have an adapter that converts A.C to D.C respectively.

Step 3

There are usually some USB cables that come with printer canon all in one. With this cables, ensure they are connected directly to your computer. Note that your printer has two ports which are not similar. Therefore the connection should be very easy.

Step 4

Once your printer canon all in one is well connected, power your computer. You will notice an alert from your toolbar of hardware detection. The computer wizard automatically starts to search for software to allow the gadget get fully functional.

Step 5

For the fact that the printer and the scanner cannot function without the particular drivers, you should then insert disc with the drivers in the CD/DVD ROM and follow the simple steps. Through following easy commands, you get yourself a functional printer canon all in one ready for use.


Those who have used printer canon all in one would certainly appreciate how beneficial it can be. It incorporates four functions in one. It can print, photocopy, scan as well as fax. When setting it up in your home you must know some facts however. You should always ensure the place is out of reach of children and also water at all times. You should be aware that water can lead to dysfunction of your printer canon all in one. Children can be at risk of getting electrocuted or even in the danger of swallowing ink that functions in the printer’s cartridges.

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