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Which Stores Use Scanners For Their Barcode


Barcodes are the visible representation of details and information. They show details of whatever product or object that they are attached to. They are usually represented with rectangular straight lines formed like bars. Barcodes are mainly used in supermarkets and departmental stores for the enactment of the product details that it is attached to. This use of barcodes is universal and almost every other supermarket in this world uses this system to keep a track of the data of their products. Special Machines are created for the reading of barcodes called barcode readers or bar code scanners. A barcode cannot be read without a scanner barcode. Barcode scanners are an electrically operated device that is usually connected to another device with a screen. It basically detects the visible representation drawn and converts it into an electrical signal thus showing what it says on the screen of the device it is attached to. This makes it easier and quick for the salesman to determine the price and label of the product and charge the customer.


Using barcodes and scanner barcode is helpful in saving time and allowing the cashier to work quicker. This is only in the case of check out lines. If for instance you own a warehouse and make transactions of thousands of products every day a barcode on your products would help you keep track of the data of your products. There are different types of scanner barcode available in the market. Barcode scanners are used according to what type of business you have. A simple stationary scanner is the most common scanner seen.

It is used in grocery stores and supermarkets. It can be held in the hand and crossed over the product the barcode scanner captures the data and shows it on the screen. Regular computers can not read barcodes which is why scanners are required. The barcode scanner captures the data and sends the information to the computer system which in turn translates the code formula and makes it visible on the computer monitor. Stationary scanner barcode are usually used in places like departmental stores, grocery stores and supermarkets.


Places that have to keep track of larger amounts of products and data obviously need larger scanners. There are fixed position scanners available which are used in places like factories and warehouses. They are more efficient in keeping track of trucks’ items and inventory. Another type of scanners available is the pen scanner barcode. They resemble Ball pens in appearance and have to be swiped across the barcode for results. Although the results are accurate they are not as time efficient as stationary scanners or fixed position scanners and thus not a highly opted choice.

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Technology has made everything easier and time efficient for businesses and personal purposes nowadays. This small device called scanner barcode is a handy device for stores. Although it was firstly used to keep data of railroad cars and was commercially unsuccessful it was proven highly successful when used in the attachment to products kept in warehouses and supermarkets. Being time efficient and easy to operate it is now used all across the globe.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/25/2012
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