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How To Change Screen To Print Large

Published at 02/26/2012 07:32:01


In a digital format, PC users can easily change the size and shape of just about anything that appears on the computer screen to make it appear large. For example, most Internet browsers allow users to easily increase or decrease the size of objects on the Web page, including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. If a website developer used especially small fonts that are hard to read for the average user, you just simply press a keyboard combination, such as the "Control" key and the "plus" key to increase the size of the text (this is not standard across all browsers).

Next, comes the issue of how to print out text and graphics on a large scale. In this situation people become surprised when they go to the printer and find that a document's font is too small to read or the images are too miniature to have any clear definition, instead looking like a blog of ink on the paper.

If you are having trouble getting large text to print on paper, follow a few steps prior to sending the job to the printer machine, so that you don't end up wasting ink and paper supplies by doing reprints.

Step 1

Bring up the text or graphic that will be printed out on paper. Nearly every productivity application that users are capable of installing on a PC has printing functions.

As mentioned earlier, many people encounter problems with the size of objects in a web browser. Click on the icon to open your installed browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Navigate to the Web page that you want to print out in large font, such as an entry on or a news story on

Step 2

Browse the Web page and determine what portions are potentially too small for your eyes to adequately read or view on a piece of paper. Alternatively, if you have already sent the document to the printer and it has been printed out, look at the paper and make a determination as to whether or not you need to increase the size to make it appear more large.

Step 3

Find the "Print" options at the top of your Internet browser. This differs based on the name of your browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer users can click on the "File" menu at the top of the browser to see the printing options.

In general, most browsers offer a context menu that shows directly on the Web page. Simply place your cursor on a blank area of the Web page and then perform a right-click using your mouse. You should find "Print" options on the menu.

Step 4

Select the "Print Preview" option, or a similarly labeled option. Don't choose the actual "Print" option just yet, because this will send the document to your printer before you have had the chance to make the font appear more large.

Print Preview shows the Web page in a format that most likely resembles how the print out will look in its current state.

Step 5

Click the "Scale" or "Size" option in Print Preview mode. Select a larger size, such at "150%." This increases the size of the text and objects on the Web page, by that amount. 

Click the "Print" button to send the job to the printer, as you have now made the font and images appear large.



  • Click the "Help" menu, or question mark (?), at the top of your Internet browser to find specific instructions and tutorials on how to increase, or make large, the size of text and other objects for printing purposes.

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