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Best Type Of All in One Laser Printer


You can find three printer types: matrix printers, inkjet printers and laser printers. A printer all in one laser prints out the best quality, but is more expensive. Most laser printers print only black and white, but much more expensive models can print color.
The printed image quality will be better if the printing resolution is high. Normally, the resolution used for a monochrome laser printer is 600 dpi, but there are some documents that require 1200 dpi.

Step 1

A printer all in one laser printing speed is important. Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers can be very close in real printing speed to the speed specified by the manufacturer. In some cases the specific speed represents the paper traction mechanism and the number of blank pages that the printer is able to carry per minute from tray to pan. Some manufacturers also specify the speed of printing in Letter size, not in A4 size. The length of a sheet in Letter size is smaller.

Step 2

You need to know the most important parameters of a printer all in one laser:
DPI is the printing quality. The higher the DPI the more quality will have the text and pictures.
Pages per minute (ppm) represent the printing speed. If the speed is high, you know you got a quality printer because a higher speed means more efficient mechanics.
Type of paper used. On the market you can find a variety of printing paper: plain paper, paper for inkjet printers, high resolution paper.

Step 3

The paper thickness used by the printer all in one laser: 64 to 105 g/m2 or special 270 g/m2 paper depending on the printer.
Used paper size: A4, B5, A5, Letter, Legal, 4 "x 6", 5 "x 7" sizes and sizes selected by the user.
Power supply: adapter or directly from AC power (110V or 220V).
Consumption in standby and when printing;
Operating temperature and humidity; you need to respect these parameters if you want to print a quality document.
Other parameters of a printer all in one laser: noise, printer size, weight, printer language, printer memory.


You can follow the next steps to install a laser printer:
1. Preparing the printer: put the printer on a flat surface, remove the tape from the printer, attach the paper support to the paper feeder, and attach the output tray.
2. Connecting the printer all in one laser to the computer: remove the printer from the outlet and make sure that you stopped the computer, connect the USB cable between computer and printer.

3. Installing the cartridge on a printer all in one laser: you turn on the printer, but not the computer,
you move the front cover and the cartridge holder to the center, unpack the cartridge, remove the protective cover and the tape from the cartridge, put the cartridge in the support, block the cartridge lock lever and close the front cover.
A good knowledge about printers will help you choose the best printer all in one laser for you. If you can not decide about a printer you shall always consult an expert.


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