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Printer is an output device which is commonly used in office and homes. With the help of a printer, user can experience the visuals of the monitor on a piece of paper. In other words, printers are used to print pictures, spreadsheets or words on a piece of paper. Color printer technology was recently discovered, which resulted in a boom in the sale of the printers. Many printer colour websites listed their top 5 printers which are not only affordable but also best among others. There are 5 best color printers which are present in many printer colour website. Printer colour website differentiated printers according to the inkjet and laser printers. The below given points will help you in selecting the best printer.

Top Printers

The top ranking for the inkjet printer goes to the Epson Stylus SX425W. The cost of this color printer is only around £65 with additional features such as scanning and copying. It is one of the most versatile and economical printers for everyday use. This is the reason that many Printer colour website ranked it among the best inkjet printers. Its main disadvantage is bad color combination, but you need to accept the fact that the cost of this printer is very less.

Second best printer among the inkjet printers is the Canon Pixma MX870. Printer colour website gave it a good point for its performance. It can be used at home or at the office. Crystal clear output, with its waterproof technology makes it as one of the best and most complex color printer available. The cost of this printer is around £155. It is relatively slow, as it prints about 20 pages only in five minutes. But you must consider the fact that the quality is top notch.

More Information Regarding Printers

Another competitor of the Canon Pixma MX870 Is the Kodak ESP 9250. Many Printer colour website consider this color printer as the best among its class. This color printer is best for official use and is quiet cheaper among other business color printers. The cost of this printer is about £165, but it is cheap in a long run. It has two separate ink cartridges with a built-in fax. Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity compensate the price of the printer.

Laser printer is becoming as an alternative for the inkjet printer. Because of the technological advancement in the laser printer, it is becoming cheap and much faster than the inkjet printers. The top ranked printer provided by Printer colour website is the Samsung ML-1665. The cost of this printer is about £75. The sound of the laser printer is very less compared to the inkjet printers, since laser are used to print out clear and dry output. Many people think the laser printers are costly but the new Samsung printer changes that perception. This is the main reason that many Printer colour website gave this printer a good rating.

More about Printers

Another laser printer which gets good rating in many Printer colour website is the new Xerox Phaser 6125. The cost of this printer is about £136, but if you consider this printer in a long run it is quiet cheap. It can be used in office as well as in the home environment. This printer will surely bring down the cost of printing.

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